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Little help with TS Profiles

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
Environment is all Win2k running Active Directory Domain.

I have recently set up terminal services on a member server for running Quickbooks Enterprise addition.  I am very happy with the way TS is running.  Here is my question.  My TS users are logging in to TS as the same user they login in to their workstation with.  I have placed TS server in a separate OU and used a loopback policy to lock them down pretty good.

1.  Is this bad practice having them use the same credentials?  They are not roaming, just have redirected folders.
2.  Is there some way too redirect their TS profiles my documents to their normal profiles my documents that exists on a server share?  Can this in any way cause synchrinization problems?  Basically they will just need too get some excel files exported from quickbooks to there my documents every once in a while.
3.  Lasltly, I have never really understood the idea of definining the "Home Folder" whether it be normal or TS.  I completely understand roaming profiles and folder redirection but what is this "Home Folder" stuff?
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Why dont you use roaming profiles for Terminal servers by setting it in there user account. Also there is a policy you can set under user configuration\windows settings\folder redirection. Here you can redirect My Documents to where ever you want.


This will not cause a problem if they are logged in to a normal workstation and they are logged in too a terminal server and both of the my documents point too the same server share?  What if the normal workstation has offline files enabled on the redirected my documents?  I just don't want any unexpected document corruption.

If you put the profile path under the terminal server tab on the user account it will not cause a problem. As far as the offline files go im not sure but dont think it should cause an issue.
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