XML C++ Parser

I'm sure there is some free XML C++ ANSI standard compliant XML parser out there but I'd like to write my own.

Can someone give me a link or something that provides the exact syntax that an XML document may have.

In particular I'm interested in how to define data with quotes.  And data that may contain brackets < and >.  How are they actually defined.  I know every begin tag must match an end tag, but what if that data in the middle contains a bracket or quote...how exactly is that specified in the XML syntax.  

All possible variations of syntax are prefered.

Basically I'd like to store things in a std::list<std::string> recursively.  

If you need more info to answer the question please ask.
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sunnycoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:

has the sources .... But I am not sure if a windows port exists ... these are linux libraries ... still take a look .... Difference should not be too much

here is the windows version

The above is officially from MS
PerryDKAuthor Commented:
can you provide examples of how brackets ( < or >) and quotes ( " or ') may be included for actually data instead of refering to the tag?
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PerryDKAuthor Commented:
Also do you know of any open source C++ xml parsers that I may look at for references?

has plenty of links and you will find everything  you need at the above link
PerryDKAuthor Commented:
I went to http://www.xmlsoft.org/

Can you tell which file to download.  I'm using windows xp with Borland C++ Builder 5.0 compiler.
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