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X-window problem

CompuTurk asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-21
Greetings all,
I am getting the following when trying to run "xhost +localhost"

Xlib: connection to "localhost:1.0" refused by server
Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server
./xhost:  unable to open display "localhost:1.0"

My DISPLAY is set to "localhost:1.0"

I guess I want to make sure that X-Windows is running and I guess I want to be able to remove the localhost and add it back in.

Thanks in advance...
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I'm not sure why you use "localhost:1.0" for your display. localhost is the loopback address for your network card.

To access your local display DISPLAY=:1.0 should be much more appropriate and won't give you the error message.

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what does
host localhost

"I guess I want to make sure that X-Windows is running "

  ps -ef |grep X

set as:
export TERM=vt220
export DISPLAY=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:0.0

where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is your IP.

In the server run:

   xhost +


Are you running the xhost command as the original user (who owns the X session), or as a different user? In the latter case, this is wrong: You need to run the command as the user who owns the X session. Only the owner can allow other users (or users on a different machine) to access the local display.


What has happened is while I was on a terminal session my X server has died and I was able to start it by simply opening a new terminal session and issuing the xhost + localhost command.
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What does xauth list say??? Maybe you have broken some part of authority file or so
> .. I was on a terminal session my X server has died and I was able to start it by simply opening a new terminal ..
what is a "terminal session" for you? a simple login (telnet, rlogin, ssh), or a graphical window (xterm, rxvt, etc.) with a shell, or a console login?

  xhost +localhost
is a useless command in most setups, 'cause the X server is setup to allow connections from itself (except someone has configured otherwise, which is unusal)

Many relatively recent linux distros have it set so that xhost +localhost would actually be meaningful... In relaxing things a bit:-)... So I wouldn't say it'd be completely useless Achim:-)

But I do agree with all the commenters... I ccan't really get a grip on what your problem is (or isn't:-). Could you try rephrasing, and this time be very clear on what you are trying to do, what incarnation of X this is (if nothing else, at least OS and version) etc?

-- Glenn
no, not completely useless, but iseless in most cases, Glenn ;-)
Also wait for some more clarifiations ...

What OS are you using ? solaris ? linux ?
I believe you are executing this command on a telnet window.  Please try to using this on the CLI window which is part of the graphics console.  It may not work on a non graphics telnet session.

You may type

xhost +ip address of your box


I was able to resolve this issue.  What has happened is, again, the xterm window I had open lost its connection with X window when it crashed.  So, I launched a new xterm window after restarting X server.

Thanks for your help.
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