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Accessing Exchange Remotley

ziwez0 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-05
Hi Guys,

ive reached a point where i need to access my email when i am not in the office, i seem to be travelling abroad more then ever and need to keep up to date,

So i have exchange 2000 which i need to acess via my laptop (running outlook 2003) but when i type the ip address of the exhange server (its a static ip address) it fails to connect, we have a firewall but i have configed it to allow incoming connections from certain ip address.
So do i need to set something up on the exchange server it self in order to get access to it.

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Some options:

- Not all firewall ports are open. You need to allow for communication to your DC's as well as you Exchange server.
- Might need to set the authentication method to none in the MAPI profile (mail settings in Config panel, tab advanced). This will result in a logon prompt while connecting to the server.

You can use the RPCping tool which is supplied on the Exchange CD under tools to check ifcommunication with Exchange is working correctly.


All ports are open;

ok cool just used IMAP, and  Yes! can see my inbox

but for the smtp address what do i type in, i type in the exchange address but i know its wrong (we dont allow relaying)
so do i have to type in the local internet provider smtp address because that is a hassel for me as im i could be in 3 different locations and dont want to type a different address each time.


You can allow relaying for authenticated users and such. You could even define a number of ip addresses to allow relaying on the Exchange box.

Otherwise try an internet smtp host (hotmail or similar.


ok well i thought of using hotmail, smtp ut i must be doing it wrong..

in the smtp address i entered the following


i then went and clicked "more settings" then outgoing server and type my hotmail username and password but had no luck

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