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total messages with attachments and average attachment size

xxgenius asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
does anyone know a why to get data on exchange server 2000 (or 2003) for the number of messages in the mail store that contain attachments.  also if it is possible, is there a way to show the average attachment size or total size of attachments?
this will need to be without 3rd party tools.
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Top Expert 2004

you may want to do it this way:

- create a new folder.
- copy all the messages you want to estimate into this folder

from the status bar, you know how many emails are in this folder

- right click on this folder and select properties
- click on "folder size" button in General tab

now you know the total size.

and you can then estimate the average size of each message.


robinluo, this is for the exchange server, not outlook.  i need the total number of messages taht have attachments and the average size of each attachment.
With Exchange by itself, this is not possible.


thanks. i was hoping there were some perfmon stats that i couldn't find.
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thanks OneHump.  my store is actually over 100G on one server and 220G on another.  but your comment is a good answer.


OnHump, one last question: do you know how much app analyzer costs? is it per user?

No problem.  You're not going to want to run exmerge on a store that big.  As a matter of fact, I'd like to suggest that you get that store down below 40G or so.  You can't imagine the frustration you'll face having to recover a store/storage group that large.  It could take you well over a week if you don't have a clean backup.  

It's pretty expensive, but I can't answer that because they are flexible with their pricing. Retail is always different from the actual price.  Our price was $200,000 for 50,000 seats/175 servers.  I don't know if the license was per server or per seat.  My guess is per server.  I would get with NetIQ and ask for a quote.

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