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Laptop as monitor?

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2009-12-16
I have a pc that the monitor went bad on. I have in my possession a laptop. Is there any way to hook my pc to my laptop and use the laptop screen to display the pc out?

The laptop is windows xp and the pc is windows 200.

Thank You

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Or you could buy a second hand 17" monitor from a PC outlet for £10 to £15.

That will save you buying an unnecessary pcmcia card, having to resort to using an old lcd screen, plus give you the added benifit of dual screen on your laptop.


I know I can "buy a monitor". I am asking for now and other emergencies, how to use the laptop as a monitor.
in that case, buy an over priced av-in/out pcmcia card for your laptop.


 As everybody else has stated..it can be done , not cheaply. In my shop I have seen it done the other way arround millions of times. Just by another monitor and be done with it.

You could use remote control software which is what i use, i have a base unit with no monitor connected to a netowrk and use netop pc remote control, or (winvnc - free) or even symantec pc anywhere, through a local area connection.

you install host software on the pc and guest software on the laptop, and with me having a wireless network i can view the desktop of the baseunit anywhere in the house remotely on my laptop.

Top Expert 2012

I though about this too, and the problem would be if the desktop doesn't have a monitor to start with - how would you be able to start the remote hosting software if you can't see where to click?

It would also be the same for the video capture card how could you configure the desktop pc for tv out if its not done already (as pc would need graphics card with tv out), this would be the answer to use a tv if the monitor was goin to go bad, there fore no need to purchase any other hardware.

(techni) would need to buy a monitor initially, however remote control would be there as his backup in case it goes again, which should answer his 2nd answer :-)
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The Margi accepts VGA input, so you really wouldn't need to do anything on the sending machine.  The remote desktop would have been my first choice for being the cheaper and off-the-shelf solution, except for the initialization problem.
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I should correct that: it displays 640x480, which is VGA, but capture is still either composite or s-video.  There are video cards which will output composite without any intervention, like the Radeon 9000 Pro, which will output VGA, composite, and DVI simultaneouly, as long as the connector is hooked up to a fuctional display at bootup.
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