Restoring Outlook data from backup

One of our clients has lost his outlook calendar data (bad hotsync with palm). They do have a backup of the outlook information store from the previous day on a backup tape. Any tips on how to restore just that one person's calendar from the backup tape (without restoring any other information for him or anyone else).

Thank you
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Unless you backup the information on brick level (mailbox), otherwise, you will need to reinstall the whole thing.

Is that exchange they are using?
Restore the PST file to a secondary location. Open the pst on the same computer as the client. (You will have 2 PSTs open, so it might be a good idea to rename the 'folder' of the original so it is differentiable. --RClick-Properties-Advanced-type in a new name) Then Right click on the calendar folder and choose "Copy calendar..." Choose the client's pst (or possibly a sub-folder in case any new items have been added that might be overwritten.) The close the backup pst (R-Click-Close). This should restore the data.
Are you using Exchange? or PST?
If Exchange What version?
If PST do what Jderting suggests

lesnettletonAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your replies. Fortunately I was able to use the offline folders to retrieve the contacts.
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