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Change the default from name e-mail address

How do I change the default e-mail address to always be from first initial, last name @domain.com?  Depending on when the user was set up determines if their default changes back to last name, first inital @domain.com.  I manually change it to be the primary, yet it will still change back.  I have to receive e-mail from first initial, last name; last name, first initial; and first name and last name.  I have exchange 2000 server.  Another question, can exchange 2003 be installed on a windows 2000 server?

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Are you talking about the from field in incoming emails?  You wan't that to be displayed first initial, last name?
You might be able to set a display name in AD.  go to properties on user, click on exchange advanced, and put the name in the simple display name field.

Hope that helps.  If that is not what you were looking for, let me know.

MortgageGuyAuthor Commented:
I'm looking for actually sending the e-mail address as first initial, lastname @domain.com.  The display doesn't matter, but the actual e-mail address does.
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How many email addresses need to be changed?  And just to clarify...what you're saying is that when you create a new user *now* it is set properly, but older users keep defaulting back to the way it was when they were originally created in A.D.?  also, when you set the new style as the 'primary' account, do you delete the old email address?  If so, and it reappears that's a whole nother bunch of beans...

I know that in the ESM you can establish a default system policy for exchange, including how the email address is generated.  If you have already done this, then my next suggestion is creating a new email address, set it as primary, and then delete the old email address.  Obviously this seriously affects the users ability to access incoming mail, but if the two email addresses can be used for say, a month or so, then delete the problematic one....?



aquilius is right it is done through ESM\ recipient policy.Not writting for
the points.

MortgageGuyAuthor Commented:
I created an additional recipient policy to include %lg%s@domain.com to allow first initial + last name @domain.com and it works great.  

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