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Using POP3 with an Exchange E-mail account without "de-queueing" the mail

jonykarate asked
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Last Modified: 2010-03-05
I currently have a user that has an exchange e-mail account setup here at our office.  It is setup the same way any normal exchange mail box would be setup.  The user would like to be able to retreive and send e-mail from home using the same account but using POP3 in Outlook.  I was told that this will "de-queue" the mail and cause duplicates.  Is this true?  Is there any way to setup his home e-mail to come in through pop3 to send and receive mail without causing any problems?  Thank you.

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Thank you very much for the timely response.  Unfortunately the user would like to have a copy at work and at home is the problem.  But he want's to use the same e-mail address from both places.  At work he has his calendar, contacts, and e-mail all setup with exchange, so it would be ackward to set that up as POP3 as well.  Is there any way to tell Exchange to continue to send mail to the exchange mail box, and just send copies out via POP3?  Thanks for your help.

Users are always soooooo complicated. Really the easiest way is for them to use OWA... in this way they have all the stuff they have at work at home and vice versa.

There is no way to get Exchange to send a copy via POP3. You can tell your pop3 e-mail client to "leave mail on server"... but each time they then download they get their last lot of downloaded mail again.

how about he VPN's from home into your company network and access his emails that way?


I completely agree about user's being complicated, and this user is the worst one!!  He is acutally the head of the company though, so it is really important for me to get him setup as close as possible to what he wants.  He does have a VPN setup, but receiving and sending e-mail is slooooowwwww, and he complained about having to run the VPN everytime he wanted to check his mail....    He didn't like that one bit.  Would it be possible to disable his Exchange E-mail from sending or receiving, keep the calendar and contacts set up so that his secretary can continue to schedule for him, but open up a POP3 to his actual e-mail, and just have it go in to his exchange mail box instead of a seperate .pst, so it would appear to him that he is using normal smtp mail within outlook?  Can you have different locations/computers all using POP3 to get mail from the same account, or will that also cause duplicates?  Thanks again for all your help.

OMG. This guy is a nightmare!!!

In response to your response.... <twitch> <spasm>

This is where *you* as the technical guru who the company is paying to advise them on technical issues needs to put your foot down. End users often live in fairy land, we have to live in the real world :).

There is simply no way in which you can use POP3 to do what he wants. POP3 is designed for *home users*, it is not designed for corporate use. That is what IMAP is for. IMAP leaves it's mail on the server, that's why all the scheduling and calendaring can work. POP3 downloads to the users PC.

There is one other option... an OST file. Get the guy a laptop. Configure Outlook to use an OST file (see below) and then he can go home and compose and read emails etc, as soon as he comes back to the office everything will sync.

1. On the Tools menu, click E-Mail Accounts, click View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.
2. In the Outlook processes e-mail for these accounts in the following order list, click Microsoft Exchange Server, and then click Change.
3. Click More Settings.
4. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Offline Folder File Settings.
5. In the File box, type the path to the file you want to use as the Offline Folder file.

Why don't you want to use Outlook Web Access? This does eveything he wants right now, but without all the stuffing around?


In the next week I will be implementing a SonicWall SOHO3 firewall at his house.  We currently have one at work, and plan to create a SonicWall to SonicWall connection that will keep him connected to our work domain at all times.  So he will always have the file server and mail server pretty much connected to his home network.  When I had setup Outlook at my home for a test, I told it to open my exchange e-mail account I found that it had actually moved the e-mail from my server to my home computer.  Is this supposed to happen?  I thought it was only POP3 that actually takes your mail off of the server.  Is there anyway for the user to work in offline mode at home but still be able to send and receive?  I realize that contradicts "working offline" but for some reason that setup worked for me at home.  Sorry if this is confusing..  a little confused myself.  Thank you

Be careful how you have configured Outlook. What you need is IMAP support. Outlook 2000 often configures itself in home user mode, which is POP3 (and yes, only POP3 downloads the mail to the local computer). You might need to go to the Reconfigure Mail Support from Tools -> Options and configure Outlook for Corporate Use.

A user can only send and recieve at home using either POP3, a VPN configured and then IMAP (which is what it sounds like you are going to do), or using Outlook Web Access. I *still* say use OWA.

You know that you do not need another SonicWall to make the VPN connection don't you? (assuming your boss is running Windows 2000 or XP)


Well, he currently has a VPN that he has to enable everytime he wants to access files.  We were purchasing the second SonicWall to enable an always on connection with his home network and our work network.  It sounds like you might have a cheaper solution however?  What would you suggest?  The user is running WinXP.  BTW, When he is connected with an always on connection how fast will it be for him to send and receive e-mail?  Both locations are on a DSL line.  For some reason, I had the exact setup we are discussing right now (Outlook configured for Corp Use, VPN enabled) and when I told Outlook to receive my mail from the server everything worked, but when I got to work the next day that e-mail was no longer available (it was now on my home computer)  Why would my home machine do that?  I was configured as a MAPI client.

In regard to the VPN, you can just use a dialup VPN from Network Connections in WinXP. There is no user on the planet that needs a permanent VPN connection to your network from home in reality. Of course management does not deal in reality :). Still, better keep the boss happy.

I have no idea why Outlook stole your mail. Only POP3 does this. Did it archive it or something? MAPI does not download mail, it leaves it on the server. Did you have an OST file configured? Is it still doing this?
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