DNS namespace configuration

I am looking at implementing the rather tasty eSupport helpdesk software from http://www.kayako.com. They have a horror of a licensing system which means that the helpdesk site will not work unless it is accessed from the URL you specify in the license at time of purchase.

I am currently planning my DNS structure. I propose to have a disjointed namespace for security. My internal domain will be atec.local and my internet domain (this has been registered) is assuredtechnology.com.au. The helpdesk software allows internet users to submit tickets to the help desk, probably via somthing like the URL http://www.assuredtechnology.com.au/eSupport.

Incoming web requests from the internet will be directed via port forwarding to our web server from a firewall device.

For my internal helpdesk staff to access the helpdesk software, they have to enter the Internet URL. Since they are on the internal network, I want to resolve this request without them going to the ISPs DNS server just to be told to come back inside our network.

How then should I configure DNS? I am guessing that I would create a zone for assuredtechnology.com.au on my DNS server in addition to the DCPROMO created zone atec.local, and then create an A record of "www" in the assuredtechnology.com.au zone and point it to the IP address of our web server?

Would this be the correct way of doing this? Am I horribly confused?
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2kgurusuallyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes that is the way, but be aware that requests for all other hosts at assuredtechnology.com.au from your intranet will fail unless you create a or cname records for them as well
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