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SCO UnixWare7: Setting up Printer & Modem

bspb_sks asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-05
Friends, Can you brief me on setting up Printer & Modem in SCO UnixWare7?
Modem: Settting up, dialing & connecting
Printer: Configurations & Test Printing
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This is about two complex questions. For points so low I will tell that cu command can be used to program both.

Is the modem for remote access or dialling out to an ISP?

Top Expert 2015

To set up either use cu , if ypu want to set up automated software tu make instant use of either, bring up pints up to 500


Friends, I've increased the points....The modem is for dialing out to an ASP. What's the difference if the same has to be configured for remote access....Cheers


Friends, the following informations I'm looking for urgently. Will really appreciate for your kind support:

Install & configure Modem
Testing Modem
Install & configure Dialer
Connect to ISP using Dialer

Setup & Configure Printer
Print Test Page
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Dear tfewster,
I appreciate for your comprehensive informations. I want to use the ISP for Web browsing at this stage but want to have the door open for mail & remote access looking into future requirements. Will forward you more details to you....

As far as I can tell, Netscape 4.7 is available for Unixware, but it's going to be quite restricted in its functionality;  Documentation is available on SCOs website (Search the index) but, to be honest, I wouldn't use 4.7.   I'd either look into Linux as a platform or use a Windows box for browsing.  Similarly for a mail client.  


On Modem Installation - To clear my concepts, can you brief me whether I need to configure PPP even though if I'm using cu to connect?

To test that you can dial out, no you don't need PPP configured;  The modems will handshake and establish the link. But to do anything useful, your system and the ISP have to talk the same protocol ("language"), which is where PPP comes in. It allows you to send IP packets across the link, and the apps sit on top of that protocol layer.

I don't recall the details of setting apps up to dial/use the link, so I'll bow out here & let gheist win the points ;-)


Before I close this issue, can you clarify:
a) Modem Setup: Does cu needs to be configured separately or it's default with SCO?
b) Printer Setup: Do I need to "capture" the printer queue before giving print command?

cu is a standard Unix utility - It doesn't have any "settings", if that's what you mean.  You can include the cu commands in a shell script if you want to create a "dialler" - but I suspect gheist has a lot more ideas on the subject!

You should ensure the printer you create is set as the default printer, otherwise every time you want to print you will have to specify the destination with the `-d yourprintername` option to `lp`


Thanks tfwester.
Hi gheist, can you put some input from your side too??
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