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PIX VPN Questions

mtetzlaff asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-12
I am relatively new to cisco VPNs.  I have a couple of questions.

o-How do I limit access to what services are provided across the VPN tunnel.
    * I assume that the access list used for the 'address match' statement is how one would accomplish this.
    * This would make sense, but I think that I read somewhere that this list is used ONLY to determine which
    * IP addresses are allowed through and nothing else.  This seems stupid though.

o-How do I definitively certify that specific traffic is making it through the tunnel (ftp for example).

o-What is the proper proceedure to 'tear down' a vpn tunnel on a central site PIX that can't be reloaded.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
Top Expert 2008

In addition to the address match statement, you should have a no_nat access list that exempts VPN traffic from NAT. You can use this to restrict traffic (the applied direction is from inside-->VPN)
I don't know of any technical reason why you can't use the address-match acl to define the encrypted traffic. It is an extended access-list and understands ports... Problem is that conversations can have random ports >1024 at the client end, so it's not really practical to use any access-list to restrict the traffic in this context.

If you use the Pix Device Manager (PDM) 3.01 GUI you can monitor VPN's to see packet counts, etc, and the wizard makes it pretty easy to set up. Simple "show access-list" will sho hit-counts on any access-list line items.

Same to tear down. If using the GUI, simply unapply the crypto map to the interface, or delete the policy and apply it. No downtime required.


So.....it would appear that there is no really good way to restrict what type of traffic traverses a VPN tunnel?  Doesn't sould likely.  As lrmoore mentions the 'match address' access list is an extended list.  When you are building that list, aren't you referring to destination port numbers which would therefore allow you to be granular in your selection of traffic matching?

Also, I was woring on a tunnel setup last week.  It seemd like the tunnel took FOREVER to actually come up.  After I had the config in place, I wasn't getting anything on any of the following:
o- debug crypto ipsec
o- debug crypto isakmp

o- show crypto isakmp sa -- didn't have an entry.

Thoughts?  Is there a certain timeframe I should ecpect to wait before a tunnel actually is attempted when interesting traffic is present?
Sr. Systems Engineer
Top Expert 2008
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