After reading migration from NT4 to 2K3 notes this is my plan to MIGRATE but I dont know if it will work. I have two NT4 servers, a PDC and a BDC. I want to make the new 2k3 server BDC in the same domain. Will the 2k3 server work as a BDC having a NT4 as a PDC and with a NT4 BDC? if it works Im planning to move users, groups, computers, and applications in phases and after having everything running in the 2k3 server I will promote to PDC and remove the old PDC. will this plan work? and will it be a problem to remove the old PDC? any suggestion will be helpfull. thanks.
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Straight answer - no.

You'll either need to update the PDC or create a new 2003 Forest and use ADMT to migrate users and groups to the new domain.

hherreraAuthor Commented:
To do the new Forest in 2k3, can I keep the nt4 running? are there notes on how to do this?
Yes, you can - but only if you upgrade the PDC to W2K3 and leave the Forest and Domain functional levels at mixed mode.

You would have to rejoin the new 2k3 forest with the old BDCs if you started fresh.

Here is a link to the Deployment page.  You'll find pretty much everything you need to know.


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This is what I did in order to cover all angles of disaster recovery.

Rough Stages
Stage 1 - Upgrade NT4 BDC to a PDC
Stage 2 - Turn off the original PDC (now a BDC)
Stage 3 - Upgrade the new PDC to Server 2003 (upgrade to Active Directory)
              Now you should have a server 2003 forrest which 2000/XP clients can use
Stage 4 - If you have NT/98 clients you will need to take roles from the old server as pre
              AD clients require a PDC emulator (server 2003 doesnt base itself on PDC/BDCs)

Stage 5 - Backup original NT4 PDC (ALL DATA)
Stage 6 - Flatten (format) the original NT4 PDC
Stage 7 - Install Server 2003+Drivers etc on the same domain as the other 2LK3 server.
Stage 8 - Install Backup software and restore data from backup tape/location
Stage 9 - Restore logon scripts etc.

You now have a two * server 2003 forrest. This is an upgraded domain rather than starting from scratch. There are easier ways of doing it, however this is the safest way as you can just switch on the old server if disaster occurs. Just remember you can never have too many backups!
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