sliding and Printing

Good Morning,
I have a few questions regarding sliding and printing.
I have a database with over 100 reports which are updated daily with patient information.
Each field is set for sliding and printing because the amount of info inputted per patient is different.
Ever since I upgraded from 4.0 to 5.5, the reports do not print correctly.
One of my biggest issues is that when a field breaks across 2 pages, the text is cut in half and is unreadable.
Can you help?
thanks in advance!
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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am afraid you have to.
Have you checked my file at ?
Do you use a field container in yr layout or a label type field, that is <<field>> notation?
If you use <<field>>, it will break up correctly BUT, its size does not extend when contents grows.
So you are back to the 1st solution very often, and all you can do is to make the height of each block proportionnal to the line space used, not handy.
kcassoneAuthor Commented:
So are you saying there is nothing we can do with the forms in it's current state?
Some one had mentioned there was a feature in 4.0 that actually fixed this problem and all ther forms printed correctly?????
Any ideas?

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That was probably using the <<field>> notation in layouts because I never heard of anything else, but as I told you, they do not extend if the contents gets bigger than the field size; would that fit?
Have you searched this site for a former question/answer about this?
kcassoneAuthor Commented:
I always spend time on the site before e-mailing a question.
Can you give me an example of how this <<field>> notation would work.
Could you explain a little more about this: "One of my biggest issues is that when a field breaks across 2 pages, the text is cut in half and is unreadable."

Does this mean that your layout has the field in question extended across two pages but when text fills that entire area the second page does not print?

When you say it is unreadable do you mean the text font is garbled on the printed page or do you mean that it gets cut off and doesn't print?
kcassoneAuthor Commented:
It actually cuts the type in half so one half shows on the bottom of the first page and the other shows on top of next page.
i can't believe there is not a fix for this problem without redesigning your forms.
Appreciate your Help!!
kcassoneAuthor Commented:
OK thanks for your help!
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