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newbie ?s: using the mouse and accessing text files oh and one question about strings

ico2 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-15
how do i dispay a mouse cursor in my programs? and how do i get my program to find out where it is on the screen. how do i read a text file into a string? and how do i find out how many charachters there are in a string.

i know these should be in seperate questions but i do not have enough points

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Kent OlsenData Warehouse / Database Architect

Hi ico2,

The simple question first.  :)

  strlen (String);

This will return the number of characters in the string.  Note that the string is actually one character longer than this!

Cursor management varies with the operating system and device interfaces.

What system are you using?

Good Luck,
Assuming u to be working in DOS environment..
For displaying mouse cursor u require to work with interrupts using function int86 provided in dos.h. u can check the help for its format.
First u have to initialise the mouse cursor using
int initmouse()
if return value is 1. then show/display mouse pointer by
void showmouseptr()
u can get mouse position by
void getmousepos()
X and Y are the(x,y) co-ordinates on the screen. Declare X,Y as global variables to always get the mouse cursor position on the screen.

Here i.x.ax (say) means register A (16 bit).
and int86 calls with 0x33 as the interrupt number of the mouse service routine. It is multiplied by 4 to give the location of the ISR of mouse.



avik77-that produces tons of errors with my compiler.

undefined symbols and invalid structures etc.
>>how do i read a text file into a string?
u can do a character wise copy from ur text file to a string, or u can find the length of the input text file, and copy block to a string buffer using fread.

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ok i had to edit the code a bit to make it compile. but it works now. thanks very much.

thanks also to kdo but i can only credit one person.
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