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Diagonally tiled text...

loyaliser asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-03
I am trying to create a watermark background for a Web page that contains diagonal text... the problem is that when the image is tiled, the text does not align with edges around each other.

Is there some algebraic trick or something for aligning the text in the image so when it is tiled all edges fit right?

As an example, the text being used is 'The Watermark Filter'.

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Not sure I understand what you're after. If the text is tiled diagonally across your canvas, with a white background, and you tile that image on a web page, there are no edges to "fit right". Theyre just white edges against white edges. Perhaps an illustration of what you have and what you want would help.


imagine a white square, filled with the text "The Watermark Filter" multiple times one line after another. then rotate all the text diagonally (45 degrees), now the text spills out and over the edges of the white square... tile the square, and edges of the square that meet up do not have the text aligned together...

so on right edge, for example, the text goes "The W", tiling the square on the right should have that line continued... but it does not.

there must be some trick to make the text align... like adding a certain number of spaces before or after each line...

i thought some graphics designers here might have done this before and know a "trick"

No tricks. It's dependent on the flow of your text, and the size of your canvas.


so i guess i just have to play around with it until i get it right... there must be some tool in photoshop that does this.

i cannot imagine there not being one... or perhaps some image software tool on the internet.

There are tools that will blend the images together to make tiles, but that doesnt work well for something you have to read.
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I am afraid this is one of those tiedious things....

here are my tips.. You could make a working loop of text going across horizontaly. you would need to make your canvas big eough to hold the sentance twice.
e.g. -->The Watermark Filter The Watermark Filter
-> once you have that done link the layers together (dont flaten image) and rotate them. form here you experiment with the exact amout of rotation needed to get them to match. you can add mathmatic certanty by being carefull to space each row equaly. -> hold down shift to constrain when moving your text layer horizotaly or verticaly. also I would set up a system to test it quickly. hit save for web, save as whatever (jpg, gif, png) and publish and immages and html. open the html and minimize whilest you work. when you want to test, save for web and save over old one. Pop up enternet explorer and hit F5 or refresh to test. Good luck- j3one
Hi Loyaliser,

I meant 3x3, not 9x9, sorry. This means that if your tile is gonna be i.e. 30x30 pixels, then create a grid of 9 tiles in 3 rows of 3 tiles.  Later, in Photoshop, you slice the tiles and save the one in the center.

Good Vibes!

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