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https ssl certificate problem

Our domain www.ourdomain.com has a security certificate registered to www.ourdomain.com.  Many of our customers just type in https://ourdomain.com.  When that happens they get a security message and many customers fall off at that point.  Do we need to get a new security certificate that references just ourdomain.com or is the another work around?

1 Solution
From my experience (getting SSL certs from carriers like Verisign), design the certs from the child domain. So, a SSL cert for http://www.ourdomain.com is DIFFERENT than a SSL cert for http://ourdomain.com
If the SSL cert is for http://www.ourdomain.com and you go to http://ourdomain.com, then you will get a SSL error. The cert is for http://www.ourdomain.com, and has that FQDN defined in it.
If you just go to http://ourdomain.com, then the SSL cert for http://www.ourdomain.com since that is, technically, a CHILD domain.

So, AFAIU, you need a SSL cert for https://www.ourdomain.com to avoid SSL cert errors.
I don't know what would happen, if you define a subdomain called www and insert multiple hosts.. ie. host1.www.yourdomain.com (I thought a cert was server-specific, not subdomain).

problem is dns.. Your webserver is probably the only server defined in your dns-record, so all trafic is routed to that.. The webserver is defined to answer to both www.yourdomain.com and yourdomain.com. I suggest setting up a separate website for yourdomain.com and redirecting traffic to www.yourdomain.com.. It's a neet way to avoid problems, and maybe in time your customers learn to use the proper address :-)

Or if you plan to expand your domain:
What you need is a *.yourdomain.com certificate, called a "shared certificate" or "Wildcard-certificate". Then you can put up as many servers as you like ... but usually shared certificates are somewhat more expensive than "regular" ones.


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