Amanda Image map works in Amanda but not in Mozilla

I have Amanda running under linux  and have the same running under M$

I make an image map on a .png  or .jpb image and it works in Amanda ( A HTML editor put out by w3 for windows/linux).

When I click on the image map under Amanda it works.  With Mozilla or IE/ windows xp it does not work.

Do I have to put it on a webserver and put extentions on the webserver  or what is the issue?

Just a side light, I am shocked about what has happened to page editing sense I learned it 8 years ago!!!!



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webwomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You're not telling it what map to use.

TIMFOX123Author Commented:
Ummm, just realized I am very unclear.  I have boat loads of hardware and run windows and linux.  It works in the editor (browser mode) on both linux and M$, it will not work on any other browser.  
Post the code or a link to the page please.  Most tools do not generate standards compliant code and therefore limit what browser it will run on.

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>> .png  or .jpb image

I suspect this is the problem. IE won't deal with PNG, and I don't know of any browser that does jpb. Did you mean jpg?

But we really need to see code... you may be calling an external image map that you haven't uploaded, or the link may be wrong.
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<html xmlns="">
  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
  <title>No title</title>
  <meta name="generator" content="amaya 8.3, see" />



<p><img alt="Alttext" src="stop.jpg" usemap="#" /></p>
<map id="map">
  <area shape="circle" coords="209,112,49" alt="Click on Stop Cop"
  href="" />

TIMFOX123Author Commented:
I had thought I posted this before.  I tried the map settings that were suggested and it still does not want to work.  

COBOLdinosaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:

And you are using an xhtml1.1 doctype.  That forces you to use id instead of name for the map identification. The problem is that most browsers do not support that and you have to use name.  So change the doctype to xhtml1.0 or use an HTML doctype.

TIMFOX123Author Commented:
It sounds like's Amaya Html editor is not all that grand.  I have to fix the stock code from it.  All I did was:
1 ) insert an image
2 ) put an image map on it
3 ) save it

You would think "the standards organisation" would have it right.  Any input Cd&?
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
This is not "really" solve this issue, the real solution is to use Dreamweaver MX.  This editor does not work for me.  If it works for someone else, I am all ears !!!

Thank you all for looking into this.  Sometimes the most odvious solutions are the ones we need to do.  I was just trying to use free software and run it on linux.  

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