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can anyone give me link for OCM(Oracle Certified Master)
free books, documents,notes?

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The best ever:

also read oracle magzine...there is entrie section about it
I. OCM :

Step 1 : Take 2 advanced Courses at Oracle university .

List of courses        :    http://www.oracle.com/education/certification/index.html?dba9i_ocmcourses.html
Contact for training courses : 1.800.529.0165
OCM training center :
Cost /Duration  : $2000.00 / 2 days ( 16 hours )

Step 2 : Oracle’s Oracle 9i OCM Practicum exam  :

a) Exam Location  : One and Only One : Chicago ( USA)
b) Exam During     : Marathon Full 2 days ( 16 Hours )..Fully scenario based on Live system Mostly on Linux ( RedHat 2.x )

There is nice article on OCM in recent Oracle Magazine which talks on some insights about this track..check-out...

Note : Best thing is complete Oracle 9i Documentation is provided in which incase there no need to worry about those lengthy ,cryptic syntaxes ..:)...

II. free books, documents,notes?  Well!.  there are no free books or at least some "books" on OCM track.. as for documents are concerned ..Oracle manuals are best...Notes ?.. prepare your own notes...Remember OCM  Exam doesn't contains any multiple,fill-in blanks Questions...All testing is done with real-world scenario ..on a live-dedicated Linux-oracle system.in Oracle Labs...

My Two Cents : In Exam...Do Multiple Backups ( Exports,Cold Backup and Hot Backup ,File systems backups of Oracle Software )  "which is permitted ", before starting my changes to the system...this largely helps to avoid any Knock-Outs from Exam....if you mess-up the system..

Good Luck,

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