audio out/display problem

I have a standard ASUS MB with on board sound/display cards.
Recently on boot, my lcd display goes all psycadellic. long coloured vertical lines appear on screen which change when windows is booting.
At first I thought it was a bad connection/cable between the comp and lcd display. This problem only happens occasionally.
The really odd part is that i've found if i wiggle my speaker jack at the back of the comp, the problem goes away!

Any ideas?
It's rather annoying.

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mrcicpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
 As Callandor states, your mobo is dodgy, if you dont feel comfortable about replacing it what you could do instead is insert a new graphics card, PCI or AGP if your board supports that, just get a cheap one  (or better yet one borrowed from a friend to test it out), I guarantee it will be better- or as good as your on board one, and see if that solves your problem, if it does then your issue was just with the onboard VGA connector and you got lucky.
  To be on the safe side, and if that doesn't work, then you need to replace your motherboard entirely as its buggered.  If you are using XP then this will require a reinstall of your machine's operating system also as Windows XP freaks out if you change your hardware.
sledgeAuthor Commented:
OH, if i pull the jack out I lose all display. Put it back in, no problem
hmmmm? odd, try uninstalling the soundcard and removing the card physically and putting it in another PCI slot.

- this is where you say it's onboard sound ?
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Check all items are seated correctly as wiggling may suggest something is loose
compfixer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
is the ports onboard or are they just cards????

if cards then pull out the sound card or have them farther apart make sure that the computer is off and unplugged and touch something metal to lose your static so you don't fry any of the chips on the things you are touching  and make sure the video card is in all the way

if it isn't a card then well my guess is that a bad spot on the board also it might be a swicth on the board for that you have both connected or nothing
I think your motherboard is broken - this is not normal behavior and indicates an internal short of some kind.  I wouls advise you to replace the motherboard as soon as possible, especially if you have important data on the drive.
sledgeAuthor Commented:
There are no plug in cards. its all part of the mb.
it's now started when i wiggle the lan cable!
Have you checked all the PCI/AGP cards are seated and held in with screws to the case. Also is your mobo loose -- check the board doesnt move on its backplane. Beond this just generally check everything is tight....... and fergawdsake -

Stop wiggling stuff :-)
sledgeAuthor Commented:
turned out to be the lcd.
tried it on another computer, same result.

thanx to all.
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