how to learn how to make web-page layouts

im trying to learn how to make web-page layouts. what program should i use? and where can i find tuturials.
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That's usually called Design and its not something a program is going to do for you. It's something you learn how to do, like drawing, painting, etc. Once you know how to do it, you can do it in all sorts of programs. Photoshop, ImageReady, in combination with Dreamweaver, etc. There arent many "design" tutorials. There are rules but you can still "blow it" design wise if you obey the rules. Can't learn to draw with a tutorial, cant learn to design with one either.
Hi Ruff-Ryder,

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As to your question:

You don't need any special program. You can use any text editor like Notepad, and a browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla. here are some basic tutorials:

Here are some resources on web page layout:

Sohel RanaCommented:
Hi there:

For designing web page layout you can user mainly Dreamweaver or Microsoft frontpage. Besides, I suggest you to design with photoshop. Nowadays, most of the cool designs (template) are making by photoshop.

Here are some useful urls for tutorials:
Web design by photoshop:

Front page tutorial:

Dreamweaver tutorial:

Dreamweaver Free Video Tutorial:


Free Tool: ZipGrep

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oooooh...dont encourage the use of FrontPage.
Hey, I think FP is great, especialy for those who are just getting thier feet wet in web design... I will admit it has many drawbacks but when your just starting it is really easy to learn! ;-)

Ruff-Ryder, when designing webgraphics and layout dont skimp when it comes to a photo editor. I personaly think Adobe Photoshop is the greatest thing since sliced cheese!

Daydreams gave you a good anwser... The only thing I can add is jump in and don't be discoraged or afraid to ask questions!

The problem with FP is that it generates more FP traffic on EE. Suggest it now, and 3 weeks from now Ruff will have to post a question about why his web pages only work in IE, or why other folks are writing to him about poor HTML code. We'll have to answer by telling him that FP writes terrible code and to switch to Dreamweaver. Might as well nip it in the bud right now.
> Might as well nip it in the bud right now.

I agree with weed. Especially if you are just starting. I highly recommend Notepad for the budding web designer. Look at the tutorials, learn to write your own code, then take a look at Dreamweaver and various other programs. It is my opinion that Frontpage is not the way to go.

If you want more than Notepad, you can try:

Notetab Light -

..or Homesite, available from Macromedia. It has integrated the (best) CSS editor (Topstyle):

You might like HTML-Kit (integrates with Topstyle Lite):

Or you might like AceHTML, which has a free and pro version (includes style sheet editor):
FrontPage 2003 is not as bad as the old versions, BUT you really, really, really need to learn what you're doing BEFORE you use any of the visual tools. At the very LEAST, learn the basics of HTML.

And if you must use FP, NEVER use any of the FP wizards. Those are the things that cause all the problems. To be fair, Dreamweaver has some effects, and those cause heartburn for newbies too.
Ruff-RyderAuthor Commented:
FP Sucks. I go with DW MX 2k4...I've had to many prob's w/ frontpage b4
Ruff-RyderAuthor Commented:
I know how to use html....I just don't exactly have expertise in like....the bg patterns for them...and text effect for headers and etc....
Ruff-RyderAuthor Commented:
i kno i didnt really specify but thnx for teh help.
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