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cannot get a Belkin USB PCI adapter to communicate with a USB Nikon Digital  camera and a USB Lexar card reader

llegg asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
cannot get a Belkin USB PCI adapter to communicate with a USB Nikon Digital  camera and a USB Lexar card reader (or any other USB device) in a Beige Desktop G3 using OS9.2.2. The G3 has had a CPU upgrade (XLR8 G4 500 mhz). I have installed Apple USB Card Support 1.4.1. I have their latest software upgrade (they say to just use Apple USB Card Support 1.4.1) When I plug in a Digital Camera (Latest software loaded) or Lexar card reader you can hear the drive hit but nothing mounts. I've switched to both ports on the card and no luck. The systems profile see's it and gives a USB log. I took out the card and reseated it...no go. When I first got the card it worked fine...then I started to get corrupt file data after the transfer...then it was hard to mount...not it won't mount.

Is there anything I can try to solve this one?

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Have you run any diagnostic software lately? Norton Disk Doctor or DiskWarrior?


Yes, Norton Disk Doctor, only minor problems that it fixed.

Have you tried the card on any other machine?


I have tried a different USB card in the slot and installed software provided and got the same results. I now suspect it is either an extension conflict or bad PCI slot. Tonight I will swap slots with a firewire card and see if I have the same problem. If the problem is still there I will start turning of extensions. The only program I loaded reciently was File Maker Pro and Excell. The card worked after each install but dosen't now. Anyone have any ideas what extension might cause this type of conflict?

Until youve tried it in another machine it's premature to assume its a bad slot or extension conflict.


No, I do not have another machine to try it in. Haveing two bad USB cards is pretty rare as both cards showed the same symtoms. I have tried the flash card reader (what I am trying to hook up to my USB card)  at my work and it reads fine.

Give yourself a fresh OS install, with the Apple USB drivers. If it still doesnt work let me know.


Did a clean install...still the same problem!

Could be the slot then. Tried other slots yet?


That is next on my list


I tried another slot...no luck, went out and bought an AdaptecUSB/Firewire board the firewire works good...no USB. I went to the Adaptec web site an let their tech support have a go at it. After looking at my system profile it seems that my Beige G3 has an older version of logic board and will not work with USB cards. Time for a new Mac.

Problem solved...not really.

USB Support 1.4.1 is only for OS 8.6 to 9.0.4.
USB drivers are included with 9.1 and higher but are not installed by default usually.
For 9.2.2, you need to do a custom install of the OS and select the option for USB Support in the OS installer. Let me know if you need me to be more specific.

Also, the Belkin cards require PCI 2.1 which was not available on the first Beige G3's. You can check in Apple system profiler to see what you have. Under the Devices and Volumes tab, look at your video card and if it says "Pro" anywhere in the description, then you should be ok, if not then you need a different card. Keyspan USB 1.1 and Sonnet cards work fine with PCI 2.0 slots.

It's well known that G3s are problematic with add-ons.  I have an old McAlly USB card in my G3 Beige that I ran in my 9600/350 and I can read my camera and drive my USB printer.  HOWEVER, I also added a combo CD drive (CD/RW, DVD read only) and I cannot boot from my OS CD (even using the original 25X CD drive) unless I remove the USB card. I burn a few coasters as well. Fortunately the system is otherwise stable and everything else seems to work well.

G3 Beige desktop, 500mHZ upgraded CPU, 768MB RAM, 40GB hard drive (IBM),
20GB hard drive (Western Digital), DVD-CD/RW (LiteOn), 100MB ZIP drive (Apple)
6MB of video RAM.  This system works well with a broadband connection.

The floppy will not work with OS X; I must boot OS9 to access the floppy. 10.3 Panther will not work with the G3; I run 10.2 Jaguar

I'm saving for a G5.

I dont know where people get this stuff, but G3s work fine with addons..heh
They also work fine with panther.
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