dynamic HTML with image inside a CHtmlView


I am trying to dynamically display a HTML page inside a static picture window. I am using the IDispatch and IHTMLDocument2 interfaces to load the HTML from memory.

At this point, I can display HTML text, tables, etc. but not image resources. If I send a HTML string like <img src="file:///C|/test.jpg" width="201" height="125">, the page is able to find the image on the disk and displays it correctly.

However, my goal is to have the image as a resource in my project and not as a seperate file because i need to distribute the executable file to many people and dont want to give an extra image file.

Can I make the HTML page display images that are resources in my project ?

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caner_elciConnect With a Mentor Commented:
your URL will be something like this:  res://yourapplication.exe/test.jpg

and you will need to import your jpg as "2110" to your application's resources.. That is:

Go to ResourceView, right click, Import, select your .jpg file.. It will ask you the resource type, enter "2110" there.. and Visual Studio will import your image.. Its resource name will be something like IDR_21101.. change it to your picture's name.. just like "sample.jpg" (be careful, use the quotes or you will not be able to access it by res:// locator)

Caner ELCI
By the way, I forgot to tell you about HTML pages... "2110" for image resources.. HTML for html resources.. it's currently known by Visual Studio.. You'll see that in ResourceView. If you can't see, just import some html file and it will be visible as a group.

But, again, name your html pages with quotes, just like "about.html"
bkfirebirdAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot caner_elci .... that worked.

just one thing, the quality of the resource image is much worser than when the image is a outside file ... do you know why ?

where can i read more about these "2110" resources ?

thanks again
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Well, in fact there is nothing to do with the quality, because it only imports your image as a resource. So, image remains the same, but there may be a difference between res:// and file:// in their implementation.. You can try converting your image to a loseless format such as gif or png...

I also did a google search, this sample may help you : http://www.codeproject.com/tips/res.asp 
download the source and take a look at it..
bkfirebirdAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot ... you've been a great help
best regards,
you're welcome.. have a nice coding..
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