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Lynksys Router BEFSR41 v2 -> Multiple Static IP's/ Web Server

Wayne Barron
Wayne Barron asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
Hello All;

  To begin with.
I have just received "13 Static IP's" From my ISP.
These Static IP's are all used for server Domains that are running
On my "NT4 Server"

Now here is the problem that I am having, and need some assistance from anyone, or recommendations for a
True Router designed for "Web Servers"

  When logging into the Router, and into the "Setup" tab.
I have to start off by assigning the First static IP in the list
for my "Lan IP Address"
So that is done, everything is fine, and I am able to connect to the Router once changing the "IP Address" And other information into my
Network Properties.

But then when I go to choose [Static IP] for my outside IP Address
I set it up to the 1st Static IP in the list as well and add in the rest of the information that was supplied from my ISP. (For Gateway/DNS Settings)

Once these changes are made, I then go over to "Port Fowarding"
And once I assign the proper IP Address for the right servers
Mail | FTP | Web ......
And hit [Apply] it gives me a "Page cannot be displayed" Error.
And will not allow me to log back into the router?
So I have to Reset the router and start all over.

So when starting over I try the following.

Instead of having the "Lan & Wan" Static IP's the same,
I have the "Wan" set as the "1st" in the list.
I have the "Lan" set as the "2nd" in the list.

And go throught the same steps, and everytime that I configure the
Port forwarding, it does the same exact thing? So I am at a lost.

  What I need to know is the following?

Can the "Linksys Router" use outside "Static IP's" for :Lan & Wan"
And function properly?
Or will I have to look in on getting another Router.
A -> True Web Server Router <-
That is used for outside Static IP's Pointing??

1 more thing, before I leave you too your thoughts?

I have successfully been running the Linksys Router with a single
Static IP from my ISP for over 1-1/2yrs. With no problems.
And have been very successful in everything that I have done with the Router, all the way up to this point, of having "13-Address"
This has proven to be an impossible task.

p.s : For the ones that are wondering how come I need all these
Static IP's??
I run a web Server Service, I off web space to clients mostly business's.
And Most of these people need "SSL's" And with WinNT4 you can only have a SSL assigned to the top domain, not to any Virtual Domains.
So this is the reason.

  Thank you all

More points will be added with good advice/solutions

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I believe that the BEFSR41 Linksys Router is capable of handling only one external (WAN) IP address at a time.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web Developer
Top Expert 2009


So with setting up

Wan --> Static IP
Lan -->  Static IP

Then Port Fowarding ........HTML, FTP, MAIL
To the ...other    11.11.11.[3-13]

Will not work?
Is this what you are saying? As I have been on the phone with
Linksys for the last 2hrs, and they do not have a clue right now
On what is going on, the only thing that they have thought of
Is that maybe the "IP Address's" For the "Lan & WAN" Are conflicting
With each other..........

  I mean the router is set up to run "Web Servers"
You would think that they would have set this blasted thing up
To run multiple Static IP's.......... You would think anyway...........

Any information on a Router from like "Cisco" that might work?

Sr. Systems Engineer
Top Expert 2008
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Top Expert 2004

Agree with lrmoore - you can't have the same subnet on more than one interface on a router - if you did, you would have a bridge, not a router.

Additionally, I don't believe you can change the Linksys internal network from to something else.

If you get a professional router - you won't have any problems.  I would strongly recommend getting a Cisco for all the training, self-help, and professional experience of others at your disposal.

If you want to play with the big boys, you need big boy toys! :)
Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
Top Expert 2008

>I don't believe you can change the Linksys internal network from to something else
Sure you can, pseudocyber...
You can make it anything you want to as long as it is a different subnet than the WAN interface.


Top Expert 2004

You're absolutely right.  Duh on me.  :)
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web Developer
Top Expert 2009


Hello "lrmoore"

   I will do the "Different Subnet Mask" when I go back to NC this weekend. And see if it will do what I need it to do.

Hello "pseudocyber"

   Could you refer me to a "Cisco" Router that would be appropriate for me? I do not know that much about the "Cisco" Routers, I have seen one in a friends "ISP" back years ago, but have never had the need for one, so have not really done any research on them.
  If you or someone else can send me a link to the "Cisco Router" that will work for me, I would greatfully appreciate it.
  It will not be something that I will be purchasing right now, (Unless) I cannot get the Linksys to do it, then I will have no other choice.

  Any help is greatfully appreciated.

Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
Top Expert 2008

If you are getting an Ethernet feed from your broadband modem, I would suggest either the new Cisco 1710 security router, or better yet, a Cisco 501 PIX firewall..


PIX 501

Top Expert 2004

I agree with lrmoore - carrzkiss - I don't know Cisco products that well - what he suggests sounds like it would do the job.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web Developer
Top Expert 2009


Hello All;
Well back at home and working on the server.
I have done what "lrmoore" has stated. About different Subnet Masks, and that cured the problem of being booted out of the "Linksys Admin Area"

Now I have another problem, with the Router.
(Yes I know I need to get a Cisco, but Money is tight for the next few months)

When doing the port forwarding, I have all ports (That I need pointed) Going to "1" server, as that is all that I have running at the moment, until I getthe opertunity to build the other "3".

  I have "DNS" "WEB" exc... going to '''12.123.456.78"

since all these are going to "1" IP Address.
It seems like the other domains that are running on different IP Address, are not coming through on the "DNS" part of it,
But seems that everything is running well on the web part of things.

   My question is this:
With the DNS IP Address being "1" single IP That is being pointed through the Linksys Router.
Should that "NOT" cause a problem with the rest of the domains that are created in DNS?

Thank you
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web Developer
Top Expert 2009


Thanks [lrmoore];

   That took care of the issue.
There are several other problems that we are having right now,
But on this one, is something that we are just going to have
To figure out on our own.

Wish us Luck,



Thanks to everyone else to replied to this message, your comments
Were greatfully appreciated
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