How to fix a RAID set?


I have the following situation:

Windows 2000 Server
2110S Adaptec RAID controller
4 x 36 Gb SCA hard disk

This RAID is configured as RAID-10:  disk 2 is a mirror of disk 1 (mirror1), disk 4 is a mirror of disk 3 (mirror2). In total the volume is ~ 68 Gb.

I need to change all disks for new ones as 2 disks are not good anymore. Anyone ideas how to do this the fastest and most secure way?
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parkerigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok. forget all of the above - windows mirroring only.

If done by hardware then it is critical to get expert advice from hardware supplier.

We used to use Digital RAID Cards and we could pull a disk no problems - NEVER PULL TWO

If the system is hot swapable I DON'T suggest you just pull drives. I ALWAYS shutdown and replace one REBUILD.
Replace next.

I have done many raid swaps but never with Using RAID 10 with the Adaptec 2110S card.

Is there another EE out there that can help ??

now i am assuming that the mirroring is done via windows 2000 server not some properitary raid card
i am also assuming you have a good hardware / software knowledge
i am also assuming windows is reporting the disks are still mirrored.

The below is how I have done this in the past

(1) make sure you have a decent backup
(2) go my computer, right mouse click, mange, disk management

 please advise status of harddisks as you say two are no good

(3) if system shows mirrored and all ok then shutdown and remove bad disk 1

(4) start back up - go to disk management - check statuses , break the mirror of the missing disk
Reboot machine. Once rebooted then just shutdown ( reboot is just a safe guard)

(5) Put in new disk and mirror completely before doing the next disk.

repeat for other disk.

This requires many reboots and is time consuming but I prefer to be safe than sorry

DON'T start without a backup.

Windows 2000 is very stable and I have never had a problem doing this - do it all the time ( poor man's backup ) as I rotate harddisks as a form of DR.

Anything this important is all care no responsiblity - if I had a dollar from every expert that has said to me " I've never seen that before, must be YOUR machine"

Anyway I've never had a problem using WINDOWS mirroring

Hope this assists
Please advise if you are using the raid on the adaptec raid controller.
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2good2Author Commented:

Using RAID 10 with the Adaptec 2110S card!
I have heard people use Ghost to clone each drive and they have successfully fixed their RAID array that way.
2good2Author Commented:
I used Ghost before but was wondering if it could be done in a different way. RAID 10 is for me also the first time!
Ghost or backup/restore are fastest but you have down time. If you replaced one of the failed disks the Adaptec card should rebuild the mirror of that disk on the fly if you have hotswap disks. If cold swap you'll have to shut down to do this but the system would only be offline for about 15 minutes. I wouldn't replace both faulty disks at once as this will probably increase the rebuild time. Rebuild time may be in the order of 1 GB/hour but since the system is available to the users it doesn't matter much how long it takes. You can check on the progress by running adaptec storager manager under whatever OS you are running, it's a free download from their support site if you haven't got it installed already.
the RAID controller should have its own utility for rebuilding the arrays. If you have 2 raid sets (2 disks each set and they are mirrored) you should be able to swap them out one by one and tell the RAID controller to rebuild the array (it should detect a change in the RAID configuration automatically). I have worked with both IBM and COMPAQ raid controllers and they have been this way. I assume that adaptec should have a similar method. Try taking a look at for information on rebuilding the array.
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