Access Data_Types in ASP adSchemaColumns

Helllo Just a quickie

I need to know all access field types + there corosponding Data_types in Names not numbers

and all the default values for each + all max field lengnths for each

Im sure somebody has a hany link tucked away

cheers all.
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brgivensConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only datatype with a variable field size is text: 0 - 255, default 50
autonumber: adInteger
text: adVarWChar
memo: adLongVarWChar
byte: adUnsignedTinyInt
integer: adSmallInt
long integer: adInteger
single: adSingle
double: adDouble
replication id: adGUID
decimal: adNumeric
date time: adDate
currrency: adCurrency
yes/no: adBoolean
ole object: adLongVarBinary
hyperlink: adLongVarWChar
SkippythekidAuthor Commented:
Nice one cheers do you know the default field sizes for each and max field sizes ?
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SkippythekidAuthor Commented:
ta dude :)
Thanks for the points, dude!  :)
BTW... I came across this while working on another question & thought it might be useful for you:

Type                         Disk space          Values
------                        -------------         -----------
Text                          Up to 255 bytes   Variable length text
Memo                        Up to 1.2 GB       Large variable length text
Numeric-Byte             1 byte                 0 through 255
Numeric-Integer         2 bytes               -32,768 through 32,767
Numeric-Long Integer 4 bytes               -2,147,483,648 through 2,147,483,647
Numeric-Single          4 bytes               -3.4 x 1038 through 3.4 x 1038
Numeric-Double         8 bytes               -1.8 x 10308 through -1.8 x 10308
Currency                   8 bytes                Numbers with up to 15 digits to the left of decimal point and 4 to the right
Counter                     4 bytes                Automatically incremented long integer
Yes/No                      1 bit                    Boolean data
Date/Time                 8 bytes                Dates and time values
OLE                          Up to 1.2 GB         OLE objects, graphics, and other complex data
Binary                       Up to 1.2 GB         Variable length binary data

1.2GB is the max database size
SkippythekidAuthor Commented:
Nice one cheers m8

its much appreciated :)
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