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Game installation problems

kenabbott asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-21
I have been trying to load Trainz Railway Simulator 2004 and during installation I keep getting the message

 'CRC error.  The file c:\etc\trains.ja doesn't match the file in the setup cab
file.  The medium which you are running maybe corrupted'.

I get the same problem when trying to load Flight Simulator.  I don't believe the problem is with a corrupt disk as I've managed to load them on another PC without problem. I have both Norton Antivirus and Firewall but during installation I've disabled NAV auto protect and disabled Norton Firewall.  Also it doesn't appear that I get the error message at the same place during different installations.

A solution would be greatly appreciated.

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I think .ja files are java files. It may be that your java implementation is corrupt and need to reinstall your JVM. Also, you could try copying the installation files to a temp directory and installing from there.



I tried installing from a temp directory on the hard drive - but still the same problem.  Any help very gratefully received.

OK, then we should try reinstalling the Java implementation.


Just installed it myself to test. There has been a running lawsuite between Sun and Microsoft over MS Java implementation. They have come to an agreement just this week!



I tried reinstalling the Java implementation but no luck - still the same problem
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i don't think there is anything wrong with the cd since it works on another computer.
It could be that one of your windows files are corrupt. try reinstalling your windows.
Wich version is it??


Sorry, don't do what I said. I didn't read the whole question. Sorry
Go to start search files and folders in the search box type trans.ja? and select all drives
delete all files found.
empty your temp folder by going to run and typing in temp for win98 or ME or %temp% for win2k XP delete all files and folders inside the temp folder but do not remove the temp folder itself.

Um, I would only delete the files if I was going to reinstall the game, which is my current suggestion, if you have the install CD. Have you tried extracing the file from the CABs?

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