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Ecommerce - Processing Credit Cards

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-29
We currently process online transactions throught I-transact, however our business has grown that we need everything to be in-house.  Currently, if a customer wants to update credit card information, ect, they have to send us an email, we have to manually log into the Itransact system, cancel the recurring subscription, set up a new link for the person, etc.

We are about to purchase a SSL certificate, however we need to know how to process the cards online, i.e, payment gateway interacting with the clearing house, etc...

Can anyone point us in the right direction or know someone who would be willing to consult for us to help us set this up.

Itransact has been great, however we need to be able to allow people to access their accounts, add features, etc... and the only streamlined method of doing this is to process in-house.

Any help that can be provided would be great.

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Yes, that is Ok.  Thanks.  Michael
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People will need to be able to update at anytime.  Everything needs to be real-time, just as it would if you were using Amazon, etc... Currently if a customer attempts to purchase with a bad card #, expired, etc.. it tells them immediately, and all card transactions are batched daily.

Then as it seems, you cannot use the gateway to do recurring billing.  We've built something like this in the past.  It is a little time consuming to complete, but once it is done - it does help out a lot.  

For example, ibill / ccbill who process CCs for mainly adult merchants.  They host the websites & they set everything up on their servers.  And when a CC is rejected for that month, then they report over to the website & the website updates its database / htaccess / htpassword file.



We currently use Itransact, and they process our cards.  Based on our subscription packages, we can set the recurring time, how many times, etc.. The recurring transaction occurs exactly on that date.  They have a great system, would like to know how they do it... Or?? just like experts-exchange... they charge on the anniversary date of signing up, which is tied to your account.  I am sure if the card fails your account goes offline until you update your information, etc.. that is what we need..

I have looked on the web for consultants, etc.. with no luck.

Well it is a combination.  When you enter the CC card number, it goes to a gateway.  Now depending on what variables you can also pass to this gateway (monthly recurring billing, one time payment, etc) this will tell the gateway what to do.  The gateway then usually goes to a platform (a lot use First Dtaa Platform) and then on to Visanet, etc.  Visa gives the approval & that goes back down the chain.  Now since you are still connected to the gateway at this time - it updates your database on your server.  Telling you that the CC charge was approved.

Now let's say that you entered a variable to tell the gateway to charge the CC every month on the 10th for $10.00.  The gateway will do that - most of the time without fail.  But if it fails, you usually have no way of knowing since you are not connected to the gateway at that time.  

But you are wanting it seem, like what I suggested in the beginning.  A system to take the CC data, & process it.  And then re-submit it to the gateway every month.  And you would allow the consumer to update the CC information as needed.  



Correct, it just resubmits the order, if it fails, it takes their membership offline, sends them a notice to update their info. etc..

Do you know any gateway providers, or is First Data a gateway?
First Data is the platform.  They own the LinkPoint gateway (which has recurring billing).  But it is automatic & not hooked into your system.  You need to build something special like that to have it submit to the gateway so that way your DB can be updated when it is connected at that time.

As far as ones being hooked into your system - for the most part, you are looking at a third party processor - which the discount rates can be a bit more expensive



Can't we just link directly to the gateway?  If all information is stored on our server, it is basically like a new transaction, so the recurring billing is really only on our end, they see it as a new transaction.  
Yes - you can.  That was what I stated in my first comment to you & a few others.  You would have to do it yourself.  You would have to get a system built to submit the data on a recurring basis.  Is it monthly (for all) or if someone joins on the 5th, does charging start on that date?



they can have multiple options maybe monthly, quarterly, semiannually.  If it was monthly, it would recur every 30 days, quarterly every 90 days, etc..
Although there have been many contributions to this question so far, I thought I would mention PROTX. They have a range of products, and as you have your own servers you could use their VSP Direct offering. To quote them:

VSP Direct allows you to simply send us the credit card details in a server-to-server, highly-encrypted message, the details are then sent to the merchant bank to obtain authorisation, the Protx server replies immediately, with no redirection or callbacks.

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