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Main SCSI vs. Extra 150GB IDE HDD

Cosmas asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-03
I have a SCSI drive that serves as the main system drive. I want the 150GB IDE as an extra drive, however the SCSI is the only drive that shows up. The diag disk for the 150 isn't able to detect any IDE drive in the computer, and Partition Magic also cannot see it. IDE is connected to IDE 0 on the mobo. SCSI has its own PCI card. Windows XP SP1 computer. Boot Priority is:  1. Floppy 2. SCSI 3. HDD-0. Any suggestions would be wonderful! -Cosmas.
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Hi Cosmas,

Does the system BIOS detect the drive on bootup? Also have you disabled the IDE controller? If so, download the drive diagnostic tool from the drive manufacturer's website.

If the BIOS isn't detecting the drive, are the jumpers correct? check also any other IDE  device jumpers like CD's. Check also the IDE cabling for correctness of fitting - ok I know it's noddy stuff but I usually screw up on the simple things

Does your BIOS claim to support 150Gb drives or do you need an update?


The Bios does appear to detect it. It shows up as a Primary Slave Device. IDE controller is not disabled it seems. Checked cabling, seems ok. - Thanks so far!
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If the BIOS sees it, did you format the drive?  Windows will not see it until you do -  you can use disk management.
Start Menu->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Disk Management, and then select the drive to partition and format it.
Yeh I assume he did as he put an active partition on it

Possiblely that IDE channel on the MB is broken. Try anohter one if MB has two of them (normal does).
Detach all other IDE devices when you try this.
If it works, then try the drive jumpers, etc.
You may also need to look at the size that you BIOS displayed for that HDD.
If still not working, you might need to upgrate XP with with related patch.


Ok. Hmm. I have:

Primary Master -None
Primary Slave - Maxtor 150mb
Secondary Master - None
Secondary Slave - BT16 CD Rom


Disk Management doesn't seem to detect the drive. Although it see's everything else.

Sorry, before try the previous one, try this first.
Open Computer Management (right click Mu Computer->select Manage)
In the left frame click on 'Disk Management' which can be found under storage node
in which you must see your hardisk as one without a drive letter in the lower right frame. You need to assign the new drive by right click that new drive and select sign this new drive before you create partition and format it.
If you BIOS support large Disk, then you can creat any size of partition and format it, otherwise you need other solution.

Have you tried remove the CD drive and put the HDD in the second Master or Slave?


Actually Happy was right...I had no jumper in the drive. I put one in under cable select and now it seems. Fine. Thanks a lot to everyone!
Happy? That's a new one :-)
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