dvi input for lcd messes everything up

I have a (3 years old) 18" lcd (1208x1024) - Future Power 18TF03.  This lcd has both analog and digital input. I have been using analog and everything is fine. But now want to switch to digital input the problem is my card (fx5900, latest nvdia driver) recognize this lcd has a max resolution of something crazy like 2503x1120 instead of 1208x1024, as a result the picture is completely messed up. like you only see half the desktop and it is been stretched. Can barely read anything.

I have tried digital input(of the same lcd) with my old pc (geforce ti500) and had no problem with it. You just plug it in and it works. I tried many different configurations but it seems this stupid driver/video card is deadset on thinking the lcd has a resolution of 2503x1120 etc. And there is no way for me to manually override this, i tried in windows setup by changing the monitor to different types(like digital flat panel 1208x1024) but when you goto nvidia's own setup it still shows as 2503x1120 resolution.  please help, thank you.

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right-click on the desktop, and choose Properties->Settings.  Usually, there is a page with a checkbox to extend the desktop, if there is more than one output connector.

I was also advocating changing the display that Windows thinks you have, not the actual physical display.  In other words, choose a different LCD monitor.
Hi gagaliya,
Two ideas here, make sure you are using the latest drivers for your Video Card, and also check you are using the correct drivers for your Monitor.

It sounds like you have "extended desktop" enabled on a single monitor, so see if that is checked in your display settings.  If not, I would advise changing the display monitor and see if that has any effect.  Most LCDs will display 1280x1024, so that should be safe, even if you don't choose the exact brand and model.
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You are truly wasted here Callendor, I like the way you think
(is your real name De Bono?)
ok first check out drivers second see if they are correct     third see if  you can change the card        fourth change cards if possilble      fifth change the drivers for it
Does your LCD support SXGA? this uses a 5:4 aspect ratio unlike other display resolutions, which use 4:3 - If this is the problem can you not choose another ratio to put the screen back in perspective? Is there a vectoring or sizing sorta option

btw QXGA = 2048x1536

Oh boy! Great link here - maybe the problem is your connector...if I understand this at all?
HippyWarlock, do you mean I should branch out into other endeavors?

DVI connectors won't cause this problem: a DVI-D connector won't pass an analog signal, whereas a DVI-I will work with both analog and digital.  It won't change the signal resolution.
gagaliyaAuthor Commented:
As i said in the original post i have the latest driver. I dont have a second lcd to test with. This is a normal 18" LCD.  Any other ideas why he geforce video card would pickup a completely different resolution?

callendar how do i check the extended monitor setup in windows xp? cant find the option.


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