My speaker sound is not clear! OMG!

HI, I recently got a new speaker which is like only 2 days old.

It's a CA speaker and i'm not sure what model it is but I don't think it matters.

I have a ESS 1968 soundcard which came with my computer when i bought it 3 years ago.

Before this speaker, I had a really cheap speaker which was like 5 bucks and the sound wasn't clear, and had that rough sound that you hear when u have too much treble.

I tried changing the speaker volume, re-installing all the drivers but didn't work.

So that's why i bought a new speaker. BUT it's not really working right now.

I hear almost the same sound quality as the old one.

I"m thinking it's maybe the soundcard that i have.

If you can answer my question, it'll be great.

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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would try to borrow another soundcard, or buy a used one ( cheap ), for testing. That is the only way to really tell if it is your card or something else.
My top tip  doesn't answer your specific problem mind, get an old hifi amplifier and a couple of speakers, keep the speakers away from the CRT, and you get much better sound.

your problem -- without knowing the new and old speakers parameters we can't tell much - maybe you got a worse speaker. have you got any graphic equaliser type software to help the sound along.

Is the speaker the correct ohmage?
besoulboy2Author Commented:
I didn't get a worse speaker. That old one was 5 bucks, 3 years old.

The one that i just got is a $30 speaker with a subwoofer and 2 speakers.

I believe it said 28 watts all together.

I didn't get any software with the speaker.

What do you mean by correct ohmage?
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OK, so your speakers are NOT the problem.. turn your sound card sound down unitl it reaches like the middle of the bar.. click the little speaker in the task tray.. and turn everything to the middle not he top.. then if your using windows media player.. turn the SRS off thta it..
besoulboy2Author Commented:
i tried that grubygrub...but it still wouldn't play the clear sound.

And also, if i put everything in the middle and not the top, and when i turn on the volume from the speaker, it still is not clear.
_grubygrubConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok it would help if you told us WHERE you are playing the music from and the music it like windows media player and mp3...
besoulboy2Author Commented:
i'm playing it from WINAMP 5. It's the same even if I played it from Windows Media Player.

i'm tried playing linkin park songs. I tried playing other songs that I had.

I Know it's not because of the music itself because i played about 30 different songs and it's still the same.

The songs are from the actual CD, and some of them are downloaded off Kazaa.
ohms - the resistance of the speaker, ie 4, 8, 16 ohms.

What OS are you running? what is your PC?

Identify your chipset:

ESS drivers:

general FAQ

This soundcard is not the best in the world - you may consider upgrading it
besoulboy2Author Commented:
I use Windows XP Professional.

My computer is a Pentium 3 700mhz. 256mb ram. 14gig hard drive.

I'm using Maestro 2 chipset.

ESS driver is 1968.
LuxanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

To make sure that yours speakers are ok just unplug them and plug your headphones instead. If you get the ssame result its mean that there is some problem with sound card.

Now from experince:

One friend of my asked me to have look on his PC because he hade a problem with sound card. He said taht he can hear clear sound. I came over and had a look on it. I tried almost everything I thoughtthat it can be software problem so I said lets try another OS and we will see. I installed fresh new OS WIN XP and after taht a get same problem. Because he said that it starts just recently I thought that the motherboard is configured correctly and now it can be just hardware problem. But then I have a look on installed harware again and I realized that he have two souds cards installed. I was so confused because how cam he have two sound cards instaled. Then I took a motherboard manual and changed the jumpers and switch one of them off. I asked my self how come that it starts just recetly? Because hes driver for the second sound card was not installed.

So can you put here for as your list of hardware devices. Also have a look in your mother board manual and check the jumpers on motherboard.


Let as know how you doing !!!!
I had this problem with Real player One and Winamp 5.  I uninstalled both of those.
Then I went back and check all of my sound sittings. Undated you sound card driver.
See if any of that will help.
This may interest you, and probably tempt you toward getting a better S/card

Seems yours isn't alone in making noise
HippyWarlockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
besoulboy2Author Commented:
ok i fixed it . thanks

I got a new soundcard.

sound blaster mp3+

it's fine now. thanks.
Thank you much.    : )

Happy Listening.  : )
BTW  What happened?  It says 0 points with a grade of A
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