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Mailbox name cannot be resolved

cheunghc asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-09-14
I've setup and configured an Exchange 2003 server. Everything is fine on the server side. However, on my client side, on certain clients, when i try to create a profile and connect to a mailbox on the exchange server using outlook, i get a "The name cannot be resolved. The name cannot be matched to a name in the address list" error.  On the other clients, i have no problems connecting to the server. I've checked through the client settings. All seems to be in order. I obtain my network settings from DHCP. I can even ping the Exchange server. I've even tried running netdiag to test my connections. There don't seem to be anything wrong with the clients. Please help !!
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Hi cheunghc,

Try forcing the RUS update

You need to go to Exchange System Manager - Recipients - Recipient Update services - select your default Recipient Update service - right click and select update now. That will  display the exchange account info.

Check this link for more info:

Then you need to send a email to that new account to "create" the mailbox in ESM.
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- On the problem client PC, is it only certain mailbox names that could not be resolved or none of your server's recipient could be resolved?

- The mailbox names that couldn't be resolved on certain PC, can they be resolved on other PC?

RUS is one of the most common possible reasons, depending on the interval, the RUS is updated, esp. if you have created the account on the same day.

If this will not help, we found another issue some time ago, on which a damaged TCP/IP stack on the client machine was responsible for this issue. But before we should follow this, try first, what WHAT90 said.


I've tested out on a few PCs. If a PC is unable to resolve the mailbox name, it won't resolve any name no matter which name you try. On a PC that can resolve, it will resolve any/all mailboxes. It's either the PC can or cannot resolve. It's very wierd.

I've tried updating the RUS. It's also the same result. May i hear your theory on the damaged TCP/IP stack ? Anyway, i've setup 2 new PC to try to resolve the mailboxes. Both of them also cannot do so.

Try doing at a comd propmt: ipconfig /flushdns ,then ipconfig /renew

Then try to resolve a the mailbox

If you have clean installed machines and you cannot resolve the names on these machines, but on other machines (means RUS has created the entries), it sounds like a network configuration issue.

In general:
Make sure, your name resolution is working properly. As you have a Ex2003 Server, you also have a 2003 server. All W2K machines needs an DNS Server and mostly also a WINS server. Within you client configuration, make sure your clients are pointing to your DNS server and within the WINS configuration, put in your WINS server there and make sure NetBios over TCP/IP is enabled. Make sure, port filtering and the internet firewall is disabled.

On your server, configure your DNS properly and set the option to use WINS Lookup (and WINS Reverse Lookup for the reverse zone).
Check your name resolution (from your client) with
nslookup servername
nslookup servername.yourdomain.xxx (Fully qualified domain name of your server
nslookup IP-Address

All three tests should come back without any delay.

If this is OK, you cann additionaly telnet your mail server by
telnet yourserver 25

this should come back with a banner line.

Try this first and come back, if you have problems.

To repair the TCP/IP stack (on W2K machines or higher), just kick your network connection out, reboot your machine and reinstall the network connection (make sure you can logon locally!!!)

Please tell me something about your clients (OS version, DHCP or manually configured etc.)



I had the same problem and easily resolved the issue.  All you need to do is remove all the network settings on the client machine (TCP/IP, client for microsoft networks, file and printer sharing).  Remove all of them.  Restart the computer then install and configure your network components.  Restart and whamo, name resolution works again.  

I would follow you as long as there are no registry keys, which will stay and recovered, if you reinstall the network components. This is the general problem. But anyway, its always a chance.

There is no harm in removing TCP/IP and so on.  Just dont remove the ethernet card itself as you will have to reload drivers if you do.  This is a client-side problem, otherwise the problem would extend beyond a few users.  I got this tip from the Microsoft site but I cant seem to find the link I had.  Anyhow, I dont care about points, I just know that this works. Hope this helps the cheunghc.  Try it, if it works, just give the points to Bembi.
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So what is the solution for this issue? I have the same problem as cheunghc. But I resolved it just by manually configure my ip instead of using dhcp. But I don't understand why it will like that.
I had this same issue, but it only occurred with one (as far as I know) account.  It turned out that there was no RUS entry for our local server, and after creating one and forcing an update, it worked immediately.
Updating the RUS fixed this for me as well.  Thanks guys!
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