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Wireless Gateway Keeps Losing Clients


My Wireless Gateway (Linksys WAG54G) is setup with 128bit wep encryption. After about 5 minutes or so, all my clients will lose the connection to the gateway (wireless connection unavailable), all at the same time. Then I refresh the available networks and it comes back on again.

If I turn wep encryption off, then i dont have a problem, it works fine.

I have tried looking at the logs on the gateway, and I only see lost packets, nothing to warrant losing clients.

As I type this message, it happened again! :(

Any ideas are welcome

1 Solution
Any environmental issues - like a lot of wireless device interference?  How many clients are you talking about?
asylumsteveAuthor Commented:
ive got 6 clients, but it does it even if i have only 1 connected to it.

No environmental issues, gateway is high up on the wall away from anything electrical and all the clients have a good reception.

its baffled me now
Upgraded firmware?
How do you know if your security is working?

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asylumsteveAuthor Commented:
None available, going to talk to linksys i think :S
Good luck with that ... <eek> ...

When you talk to them - make sure you get a case number.  Then after about the third time speaking with a ... "difficult to understand person" ... ask for your case to be escalated to level 2 or 3 support and then you MIGHT get someone on the phone that has a clue ...
asylumsteveAuthor Commented:
thats exactly why i posted here first, i only speak one language lol :D
Gareth GudgerCommented:
I have actaully seen and experienced many similar problems with WEP enabled..I think I saw once that MS said they replaced a patch that screwed it up...will try and find.....have you tried using WPA (supposed to be more secure anyway).
I have also a lots of problem with WEP encription

with no WEP only 802.1x all ok
If you'll use 64 key you'll have slow traffic or big packet loss
If you'll use 128 key the Access Point (gateway) has a lots of loosing clients and/or hangs

My advice:
don't use WEP
1'st of all is not secure (with a linux based laptop (P2) and a compatible PCMCIA Wireless card is matter of seconds to have acces to gateway)
2'nd it seems that the cpu of AP is not so powerfull for lo end implementations.

for security
1. hide ESSID
2. use MAC address to restrict the access of phisical NIC's
3. use othet tuneling protocols (802.1x, IPSEC VPN...)
asylumsteveAuthor Commented:
OK, I got into a chat window with Linksys's "Jelwynne Yu" who suggested using 64 bit instead. Great support hey? :(

Think ill try something else, like ummmm fixing the problem.

Ill post back later
You could also step up to Pro WLAN gear - such as Cisco Aironet.  You get what you pay for.
asylumsteveAuthor Commented:
I have only just invested in wireless, i dont really want to upgrade, besides, the linksys wireless stuff is cisco stuff anyway.
Hmm.  Yes, Cisco bought Linksys.  However, it's not true that a Linsys WAP = a Cisco WAP.
asylumsteveAuthor Commented:

Think ive found the problem, if i turn off the built in firewall on the gateway then everything functions fine with WEP. So i guess its a case of firewall OR WEP on this one.

Think i'll go with Larieu and do the MAC address filtering thing, dont broadcast SSID and leave the firewall on.

As long as no-one finds out my SSID and MAC addresses then im safe for now :) People would be stupid to go to that length just to get on my network!

Cheers everyone for participating
do a bandwidth test.  I've found MAC filtering to be a bigger hit than WEP.

if surfing is you use for wireless, no biggie as your bottleneck is likely your ISP.  I wanted to play MP3s from my samba server in the basement, and by the time my wife is doing the same on her laptop bandwitdh matters.... :-)

I've also seen your symptoms when the WEP settings weren't the same on both AP and client.  If you plan on typing in the same (10 or 26 digit) key on both AP and clients, choose 'shared' (not open nor both) for the WEP type.

Getting the latter wrong makes the connection 'seem to' work for a bit of time, then it's dropped.
The WAG54G is a faulty modem. I have the same problem also. I searched many forums and found out this; after upgrading the firmware to 1.02.1 choosing the channel 1 for wireless channel *sometimes* fix the problem. Linksys doesnt seem to be evry interested with the problem. They removed all firmwares from their prduct page except 1.02.1.
also the modem have some other problems like port forwarding.
You can read the related discusion here


hope this helps

I had several problems with the WAG54G - After much trial and error, I found the best firmware (imho) to be 1.02.3

After installing the firmware, do a factory reset and then reconfigure for your network.

My WAG has now been running flawlessly for 6 months.

You can download the firmware from ftp://ftp.linksys.com/international/firmware

Be sure to download the correct version for your country.

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