XML serialization/deserialization

How do I suppress XML Serialization from encoding the < and > 
signs to &lt; ang &gt; ? I pass XML into COM+ component and it returns result XML via Message Queue. But  < and > signs of the presult XML are replaced by &lt;
and &gt; and I cannot to deserialize xml into my objects. I can not understand where replacement is occurred...

Thank you, Dmitri
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GoodJunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
do a httpdecoding before run the xml deserialization.
DemyanikDNAuthor Commented:
It is not web application and I don't want to reference Web namespace.
rminnichConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure if you can suppress the encoding of lt ang gt, but can your application change them back upon deserialization?  I'm thinking of using String.Replace(string, string) to convert &lt; to a < and &gt; to a >
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