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Error -411

EddieDhabolt asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-14
Does anyone know what "error of type -411" means?
I am transfering large photo images to an external 160GB drive from my iMac flatpanel (I am running OS 9.2.2). The external drive received over 20GB worth of files before the error message. It has over 137GB of storage space left. (I searched the web everywhere for an answer with no luck..)

Thanx for your help!!
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411     Cannot perform delete because related records cannot be deleted

Im wondering what filemaker has to do with the finder copying files....

Are you using DiskExpress on the machine? Have you run any diagnostics on the drive? DiskWarrior? Norton Disk Doctor?


Thanx for the -411 link, trghpy, but I'm not sure how it can help me.
I agree with your comment, weed. I am not using 'DiskExpress', nor do I own DiskWarrior or Norton. Do you recommend one over the other as a solution to my problem?
Appreciate both your time!

For an OS 9 system i would recommend both of those. They do different things. For an OS X system you only need DiskWarrior. They may or may not fix the problem but if you dont own either, it's a good indication that the system has had little maintenance on it and could probably use it even if it doesnt fix this particular issue.

Is the drive currently empty? Is it available for a reformat?


It is true that the system has had little maintenance. Sounds like I need to invest in DiskWarrior - I've heard good things about that software.
 If you are referring to reformating the external drive, it is brand new (purchased last week). As soon as I can off-load the iMac drive, I wouldn't mind having it reformated (it's over 1 1/2 yrs old).
 Which brings me back to my original problem...can't reformat till I can off-load (Life's simplest tasks can cause such headaches...but then what would I do with all that spare time?...).

It may be that the drive is DOS formatted, has bad blocks, etc, which is why it's having issues. In that case the external drive would need a reformat to HFS+.


ahhh...you may have touched on something here.
I also have a Dell workstation which I have downloaded files to the external for backup as well as using the extra space on the external drive for a scratch disk when I'm working on large photos with Photoshop CS. But the space available is still over 137GB.
Does having two different style computers writing to the same external drive cause a problem?
And, please explain 'HFS+' reformating?
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Looks like another purchase for a separate external drive for the iMac.
(Man, whatever happened to computers making life simple, efficient, and cost effective?)
Thanx, weed, for clearing this up for me!!!
Have a great week!
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