window or body onload

I have a script that generates the size of div's on a page, but there's a noticeable delay in IE.
Is there any functional difference (in how fast the browser process the script) by using window.onload or body onload

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i like window.onload = ....... i feel (and this is my opinion) that when the pages gets hit it will see window...... before the DOM gets to body onload=.............

this is my opinion
i mainly use

window.onload = function(){
     // do something
        // ...and something a lil more complex

and never have any timing problems.

another option may be to have everything (HTML) in a div container and leave it hidden for X seconds and when your script gets
thru processing have a statement in it that says if (done) show the container

hope this helps
seanpowellAuthor Commented:
Well the script just compares the height of one div based on its internal content, and then makes the div next to it the same height.

In IE though, the window loads, and "then" the div stretches to match the other one. I was just curious if window or body onload were two different things or not...
seanpowellAuthor Commented:
You're opinion's always been good enough for me jAy :-)
Pts increased...
glad to have helped and thanks for the A and Points
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