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rubberdi asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-17
Hi all,
I consider this quite a challenge. But ofcourse, can be done -- but I will require quite a bit of help:

Here's what I want to do:
*Create a program that allows someone else (on another computer, else-where), with another (self-made) program to disconnect me from the internet.

Here's WHY I want to do it:
*I'm on dial-up, and therefore have to use the phone line here to go on the internet (which stops people from being able to contact us.) There has been a few occations in which my brother/myself have been online -- and someone has been trying to phone us, often about something important. As a result, I would like to give people that I can trust, the capabilities to disconnect me from the internet -- from another computer over the internet.

Here's HOW I want to do it:
*I'm open for any other ideas. But, thought that I need to make a contribution to the actuall creation of this..
I thought, perhaps have my computer run a server socket.
And give the 'trust-worthy comrade', a program that runs as a client socket. Which will connect to my computer, giving some sort of password (for obvious security reasons). My server socket will accept this connection -- and if the correct password is given, then the program (running the server socket) will disconnect my computer.

Incase the above didn't make much sence, I've kinda created some 'pseudocode', to explain it a bit better:

Server Socket:
*listen for a connection.
*if a connection is discovered, accept it.
*if the correct 'password' is given, then warn me (/user) that the computer will be disconnected in 2 minutes.
*if the internet is still connected after 2 minutes, then automatically disconnect, then loop back to the start. (else, close connection and loop back to the start).

Client Socket:
*connect to my computer.
*give 'password'/verification.
  // let the server socket do the rest.

I know this will take quite a lot.
NOTE: I don't have LOADS of programming experience. But I do know 'enough' about networking.

Ofcourse, 20 points is not much (but is all I currently have). So, I shall add 5 points to this Q every day. I swear! (But please don't purposely drag the question out JUST for more points. lol.. that's evil! :o)

I'm looking forward to any input.

(PS: Please don't say: "Just get another phone line. Or get broadband. lol.. I have my reasons not to do it this way. :P)
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Your first problem is that as a dial up, your IP address will be different everytime you connect.  How will your client PCs know where to contact you?

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Hi MortimerCat,
Thanks for that. But my dad wouldn't use Messenger. And I don't like using it too often. I've decided that this whole idea of mine is stupid. And that I might as well end it here. Although you didn't actually solve the issue -- I'm gna give you the points, as I can't be bothered to request a refund.

Thanks nE way.



Actually, as you're here...
I don't suppose you know much about modems, do you??
You see, I have a rather new, 56K modem. And a very fast modem cable.
But for some reason, my computer don't connect to the internet at 56K/s.
It connects and runs at 45 - 46.6K/s! (Which is a bit gay. lol).
Any idea what is causing this problem, and how I can solve it?
(Note: My connection has always run at this speed).
Perhaps it's something at my ISPs end ... ?

56K is a maximum speed, not a guaranteed speed.

When your Modem connects you hear it going whirrr, boing, buzz.etc. That is it trying out the quality of the line. It will then run at the highest speed suitable for the quality of the connection.

Someone between your modem and your ISP there is a section that cannot handle the top speed, although this is normal. No one I know manages a full 56K.  

You could try plugging in your modem into your Main Phone socket, and removing all extensions (eliminate problems of your own internal wiring).
You could even get the phone company to check the quality of your line, just in case there is a fixable problem.

Although in my experience, you will probably be stuck with that speed, until you move house, or go for broadband.


Hi again MortimerCat,
Thanks very much... You're the man!

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