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CFChart Missing Line

skorpiun asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-24
OK, so I am using CFChart for the first time.

I have created a number of bar charts and line carts. It seems that some of the charts are missing the last vertical grid line. It does not seem to matter how large or small I make the charts. But the funny thing is, if I right click on the chart and select "Quality > Medium" the line shows up. Or if I right click on the chart and select "Zoom In" I can also see the line.

It’s hard to explain, but I am sure if anyone has seen this problem before they will know what I am talking about.

Has anyone encountered this before? If so, do you know what the solution is?
Any suggestions for what I can try.
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Hmm, no responce at all?

I guess I better bump up the point for this question.
for the attribute "format" for the "chart" tag, select "flash".. if you use "jpeg" or "png".. u get that problem sometimes..let me know..


It is already set to "flash",.. and the problem also happens with "png" and "jpeg"
what i gather from you is that, the line is there.. but is not visible....can you check it on a different pc that has a different video card..may be it is just the display on ur pc that is not working..


Correct, the line is there, but does not display for some reaosn.

Tried it on two different PC machines (one Laptop, one Mini-Tower), each with different OS/Hardware. One has Flash 6, the other had Flash 7. One has IE 5.5, the other has IE 6.0. Both machines did the same thing.
have u tried to view it in a different browser, i mean like netscape?


Netscape 6 & Opera both do the same thing


My contact at MacroMedia says that this is a bug within CF 6.1, and that it might be resolved in the next rev. (Which does me little good now)

Seems like there is no solution at this time. Would it be possible to get my points back?
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