Slow IE/explorer browser - goes to sleep for 20-30 seconds, each session

On my computer I have a problem, such that on initiaition of a web browser (IE6 +patches), or even on occassions explorer, the system wiats for 20-30 seconds prior to opening up. After this the browser upload/download speed is fine. However leave it a while or do a send/recieve in Outlook Express then ALL IE browser goes slow again. I have various spyware/AV (adware, spybot, spy sweeper, spam inspector, windows washer, black icve firewall on my system and I dont believe that I have any viruses/trojan horses etc.... can anyone help, since this delay is a big pain. At first I thought that it only affected my ADSL connection, but it seems to be the same if I log my laptop into my work LAN. I think it's something to do with the broadcom adapter in my Dell D600 laptop but cant seem to work out want is going on.

Please help, I'm at my wits end, Many thanks.
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Asta CuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, Allan, when I think about all the programs you've got running here alone concurrently and the job they do, it is little wonder that you have delays .... just as one example, Window Washer  -> It cleans up internet explorer and netscape cookies, history, cache, index.dat file and much more; the index.dat file can become quite large and you may also be running things in the background in addition to these such as indexers (findFast or others); then Pop-Up Washer does lots of things as well including taking snapshots and more as noted in these various queries:

Then regarding the various Viruscan programs, and so on; likely configured as I do to check for new updates at intervals (definition files) which is key to keep your protections current and many are updated numerous times a week.  All tolled, just not at all surprising.  Then, of course, comes the detail of the links you visit; some may require objects to be called and downloaded to display images and/or Flash objects, etc., on that page.  Once they're in cache, they'll display more quickly.

If you have your BIOS configured for Power Management that's another issue in terms of hibernation and recovery.  I always choose to turn that off at the BIOS level and let Windows XP handle it to my choices and configurations.

Hope this adds some insight.


Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab, click restore defaults, Apply, OK.


Dealing with Unwanted Spyware, Parasites, Toolbars and Search Engines

Download and run CoolWebShredder:

Asta CuCommented:
Can you advise what your available resource percentage (cpu usage) is shown to be when this problem is seen?  You may be experiencing a Memory Leak.  Have you checked with the Dell site for your model of computer and version if they have any fixes in terms of BIOS or firmware updates that deal with potential problems from hibernate recovery or other related types of power management issues?  Have you checked with your ISP to ensure you've got your system configured correctly in terms of DSL and protocols?  Any error messages noted and/or entries in logs that can help zero in on the culprit?  Cleared cache and history of IE and WindowsUpdate current?

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Asta CuCommented:
You run a ton of applications concurrently from the listing you posted above and they could definitely be involved in performance drains and diminished response times; also if you're running Office-related programs, may also have an indexer running in the background (FastFind among others); that could play a role.  Have you tried closing some of the less critical applications and then loading one at a time to determinse which is the source of the problem?  Also, AdAware, Spybot, and all the other applications you run; be sure to check for updates at least on a weekly basis and scan system when updates are installed.  Many possibilities come to mind, these are a few.

Off to work, good luck.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Critical Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB831167)

An identified issue may cause errors when Internet Explorer attempts to renew a connection to a server. You should apply this update if you begin to receive errors connecting to websites after you have applied the KB832894 security update to Internet Explorer. After you install this item, you may need to restart your computer

Wininet retries POST requests with a blank header
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 831167

Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB831167) 2/7/2004;amp;displaylang=en&familyid=254EB128-5053-48A7-8526-BD38215C74B2&displaylang=en
In the last few weeks you might have experienced difficulty logging on to secure Web sites or completing transactions on the Web. You might also have noticed more “HTTP 500 internal server error” messages.

If you have been experiencing these problems recently, then your computer might have a recent security update installed (Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer MS04-004) that changes how Internet Explorer sends information to the Internet. Some secure Web sites do not work well with this security update and might cause you to experience the problems above.
Asta CuCommented:
Please provide some feedback here in terms of what has been offered and any progress you've made (or not).

When you said ... I have various spyware/AV (adware, spybot, spy sweeper, spam inspector, windows washer, black icve firewall on my system and I dont believe that I have any viruses/trojan horses etc.... can anyone help, since this delay is a big pain ....  Many of these applications have settings that could clearly be impacting this delay or at the root of it; just thinking about AdAware Pro, which is one of many I use as well as SpybotS&D; both as one example have deep scan settings some background runs, some registry checks, etc. that easily could be causing this.

For SpybotS&D do you have Immunize and the other options configured and running?  The Immunize function, as one example, blocks roughly 500 intrusions ... and scanning "may" play a role; but again, the possibility on many of these types of "protections" that can impact performance and load times.

Looking forward to updates from you.
slvr4x4Author Commented:
Dear all,

Many thanks for your replies, and sorry for not getting back in touch-my computer went terminal, and has since been rebuilt-BUT still I have the initial problem once more as initially described.

On my new build I have installed ALL webroot software (Spy Sweeper, Pop-Up Washer, Windows Washer, Spam Shredder, Accelerate) plus Trillian and McAfee Virus-Scan which are ALL latest versions with updates enabled. Also, the only other thing installed on my laptop is Dell Truemobile 1300 driver. I have not altered any registry settings from the default, other than what Accerate does for RWIN etc... This was a new build so for all assumptions is a vanilla build.
I chose ALL webroot products, in hope that they all work well together. I have installed one at a time, disabled them completely to attempt to resolve what is effecting my computer but to no avail.

If I initialise any IE window I still see a delay of some 20-30 seconds, but once "in", download/web access speed is great. Leave it a while and once more 20-30 seconds wait. If I initialise another IE6 window or Outlook Express is too has this delay. I have checked my LAN connection settings, all are fine, and as far as I know the system/device is not going to sleep. But it certainly looks like something is sleeping.

I will check out the latest IE6 patches, as posted, and can provide feedback that the reset IE6 as prescribed didn't have any effect whatsoever. I have purposefully left Spybot and Adware off my system to exclude these.

Any help is appreciated to solve this wierd issue.
Many thanks,

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