Hi all,

I am preparing to get my CCNP. I went a head and I bought the books, which is from Cisco.
they are four books, and I don't know if I need to study all of them, and will there be a test for each one of them, and also I need to know the sequence that will take to complete this cource.

can anyone help out with some good information?

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What90Connect With a Mentor Commented:

I'd suggest you have a look at Cisco's web site: to get some background on the exams

The CCNP is made up of four exams each with an 80%+ pass mark.
There are four exams, one covered per book. You need to study all the books cover to cover and practice the revision questions.

I'd suggest you look to starting on the one (subkject and book) you're most familar with for example, switches and then work through the other three books/exams leave the one you know the least about until last.
mjalmassudAuthor Commented:
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