Need help finding a directory compare app

I have over 50 GB of Mp3s that I ripped from my CD collection so I can put on my Dell DJ. My problem is that as I add new CDs to my Mp3 collection I want to figure out which CDs I have on my player.

I am looking for a directory compare application that will allow me to:

1. Compare directories several deep....for example

c:\mp3\Artist 1\CD1
c:\mp3\Artist 1\CD2
c:\mp3\Artist 2\CD1
c:\mp3\Artist 3\CD1

I want it to know that not only should it compare the artist, but also each artists CD if I add another CD to artist 1 it won't skip it.

2. I want to be able to list which ones are different so I can copy them manually.

I'd like freeware, shareware is fine, but whatever it is must have at least a demo.

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there are these as well (note I have not tried them, I believe they are shareware) (open source so should be free) (place to download windiff plus links to other difference programs) - not downloaded from here so dont know but looks ok (extension of windiff)

There is something called WinDiff

this compares two files or files within two specified directories

WinDiff is free as its part of visual studio, but it can be downloaded from the net

Hi Erik,
I use the program filesync of company  fileware. Now I use version 2.18.
It is a free ware you mus not register it.

You can download it at

After installation you can call it from windows start /programs filesync
You can compyre directories with subdirectories and syncrone the files on both
left to rigth or
right to left.
You have a good overview of file structure. I like to work with filesync software.
Best regards

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tifosiv122, what operating system are you using? Windows XP has a feature where you can customize a folders type, using templates. As long as your ID tag information is correct, it will automatically sort your information into artist folders, and album sub-folders.

Right-click the folder you want to customize, and then click Properties. Click the Customize tab and select a folder template - When you choose a template from Use this folder type as a template, you apply specific features to your folder, such as specialized task links and viewing options for working with pictures and music. To apply a folder template to all of the folders contained within your customized folder, select the Also apply this template to all subfolders check box.

This way, whenever you rip another CD, it will automaticlly put it in the correct artist folder, and create an album folder for the songs as well.

tifosiv122Author Commented:
Thanks...give me a day to go through your suggested apps and i'll let you know if any of them do what I need.

I am using XP, btw.

ok, just one more to add to your list, not sure if its free, couldnt find anything that says its shareware or a price or something

Beyond Compare - claims to compare directories and/or files

tifosiv122Author Commented:
These 2: (place to download windiff plus links to other difference programs) - not downloaded from here so dont know but looks ok (extension of windiff)

were just what I was looking for...I never went through the other files, it was the first one that was suggested, thanks.

Just as a matter of interest, which one did u go for then
sorry ignore last post, I didnt scroll up in my browser to see your last post

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