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Visual Basic simple Question

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-25
I have a question that has frustrated me while doing my homework. We do not get grades on it. I am 58 and taking it as a 'recreational' subject with the intention to know as much as possible.

I have a txtBox where one enters a Number. I then have a Summary Box which supposed to take the contents of the box and plases it on command into a lbl box. The intention is to accumulate numbers in the Summary box. For some reason it does not work. I can accumulate numbers from a lblbox to a lbl Box but from a txt Box to a lable summary box results in a blank entry.

The 'Sales' commands work as shown below:

Dim curWeeklySales As Currency
Dim SummaryWeeklySales1 As Currency
curWeeklySales = Val(txtWeeklySales)
lblSummaryWeeklySales1.Caption = FormatNumber(curWeeklySales) _
+ Val(lblSummaryWeeklySales1.Caption)

The following where out of frustration gave the cammand a number, resulted in a blank.

Dim curSummaryWeeklyPay1 As Currency
  lblSummaryWeeklyPay1.Caption = 10000 This results in a blank
 lblSummaryWeeklyPay1.Caption = Val(LblPay1.Caption) This also results in a blank


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>>Dim curSummaryWeeklyPay1 As Currency
    lblSummaryWeeklyPay1.Caption = 10000 This results in a blank
    lblSummaryWeeklyPay1.Caption = Val(LblPay1.Caption) This also results in a blank

This works ok for me, are you sure the label names are correct?

Also where is LblPay1.Caption getting its value from? If its blank then lblSummaryWeeklyPay1 will be blank.

Can you post your whole code? i.e. Everything under the button click?


Please note that the last line of code istxt instead of lbl

   lblSummaryWeeklyPay1.Caption = Val(LblPay1.Caption) This also results in a blank

The above is the complete code for this mnu command

In frustration to see what would happen I forced lblSummaryWeeklyPay1.caption to = 10000


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Try this:

lblSummaryWeeklyPay1.Caption = Val(LblPay1.text) This also results in a blank

I know that doesnt make much sense because you have it defined as lblPay1.

But you said "Please note that the last line of code istxt instead of lbl"
I am assuming that you mean its a text box and not a label.

So to get text from a text box you can either do, Text1 or Text1.text.

Good Luck
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lblSummaryWeeklyPay1.Caption = Val(LblPay1.text)



I shall take your notes to the professor today (Tuesday)

my final version that does not work is
lblSummaryWeeklyPay1.Caption = Val(txtPay1.text)
lblSummaryWeeklyPay1.Caption = Val(txtPay1.text)

This should work, even if txtPay1.text is blank, the label would come out as zero.

Just a suggestion, have you made the Label forecolor the same as the backcolor? For example printing blue characters on a blue background.  Or have you made the label too small or too big, and the characters are falling of the form?

May I suggest you put some text into the caption properties at design time, just to prove you can see it.

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