norton systemworks will not load

I have had norton system works on my machine since 2001. upgrading every year, am now running 2004.  Or rather, WAS running 2004.  I downloaded spybot s&d and found some spyware/adware in my system which spybot removed.  While downloading and installing spybot, I turned off my Norton virus protection and guess I forgot to turn it back on.  After about a week, I ran a scan with Norton systems and it turned up that my auto protection was not on.  I tried to turn it back on to no avail, would not respond to anything that I did.  I ran a spybot scan again, system comes up clean.  I finally out of frustration, uninstalled Norton and all of its components.  When I tried to reload.....I get an error message "Error 1311. Cannot find file E:\NSW\ Verify that you can access file and try again"  I can access this file on the norton cdrom.  I cannot make the system recognize it.   I have been up on the Symantec net, tried all of their fixes to no avail.  I finally tried to reload Norton System works 2003.  Now this program had been previously installed also and worked fine.  Now when I try to install it, I get the 1311 Error message, also saying cannot access NSW\ going on here..... Have I picked up a virus or spyware/malware that is screwing with this machine.....I have been at this now for about 8 hours.... pulling my hair out.  Help if you can please.  I have also loaded all the files from the cd to my hard drive into a temp folder and have tried to load the program from there....I do not get the 1311 error by doing this....and the program seems to load ok....but when I get my updates from symantec.....I get errors on my anti virus which says that I have to uninstall and re-install the program.  

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By coincidence, I also have Spybot installed on my machine and have encountered the same problem that you have upon attempting to install two other programs – one by Roxio and one by Microsoft.  However, I’m not convinced that Spybot is necessarily the source of the conflict – although I suppose you could always test it by uninstalling Spybot before attempting to reinstall Norton to see if that makes a difference.  Actually, this seems to be a fairly common problem when installing programs and not just Norton – if you go to any internet search engine and type "install error 1311” or something similar, you’ll see what I mean.  From what I’ve read on most of the references which come up, this seems to be more of a hardware-related than software-related problem – for some reason, your computer’s CD-ROM drive is having trouble reading the disc (not that this isn't already glaringly apparent!)  One apparent means of getting around this problem is to copy ALL the files from the installation CD-ROM to a folder on your hard drive and attempting to install the program from there – it worked for me when I tried it.  I know it seems a bit bothersome, especially since this is one of the things a CD-ROM is created to do automatically – but at least it should enable you to get around the problem until you can find out what’s causing it.  For myself, my laptop was recently returned to me after I sent it to technical support to be repaired -- it occurs to me that something may have gotten screwed up in the CD-ROM drive either during transit or in the course of repairs.
Cleaning your computer  - and protecting it in the future -  can't be answered with one issue.

As you can see in my url below there are at least 7 different issues, where you should decide 1 of each, or else you does'nt protect your computer at all.

The reason is, that the many different programs not always protects against each other, and each of them does'nt protect equally.

It's very important, that you study all of these issues in my knowledgebase (some of them are freeware):

BTW: I'm using the Trend Micro virus-suite, and SoftScan , and haven't got any of my servers or computers infected since 1999.

Many Regards
Jorgen Malmgren

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Dale MaySecurityCommented:
I have been told by a guy at work that on the Norton Anti-virus 2003 you can uninstall and then reinstall the program and get new updates.  With the Norton 2004 Norton has built in protection so that the version doesn't give you the updates if you want to reinstall.  What I think is that Norton , just like Turpo tax last year has reconized that people are burning copies and sharing them or reinstalling them and continue to use the software updates.  There may be a "key" issue here that we are not imformed about.  Maybe somone can clarify this protection issue with Norton.  I know that Turo Tax raised people's anger over this issue of having a key and only being able to load the program on one machine.
I would go into my regestry and delete all instence of this Norton system works and the reinstall the software.  Do you have the 2003 software? d_may
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bubblehead580Author Commented:
I split these points up simply because all were good ideas and did push me toward the final soloution which was, completely reinstall the OS and reload all from scratch.  I still firmly believe that I got some type of virus in the system that would not allow me to do much of anything.  When trying to repair the XP os, I was getting errors that was telling me that the program could not find GETIUM in msdart.dll.   I found that my msdart.dll folder was condensed. I would un-condense the folder, go to load my system again and once more I would get the message that it could not find files in the msdart.dll. I would then go back and once again the folder was condensed.  I finally came to the conclusion that something was condesensing that folder on purpose and the purpose was to keep me from reinstalling and correcting the OS.  After many hours...possibly days.....I gave up and stripped the system out, reloaded it and everything works great.  
   On installing the Norton disk on the hard drive......been there done that, still would not work.   Learning all the time and appreciate all support.
:o) Glad I could help you - thank you for the points
I am also having a problem with, "Error 1311 - Source file not found E:\NSW\  Verify that the file exists and that you can access it."  I have uninstalled sypbot, adaware, and many other programs. I started by taking the program back in case a scratch or other manufacturing problem was the cause. I have used msconfig to close applications, (this did other things that did not let the program even load to the point where I get this message).  I have used the program downloaded from Symantec's web page, "SYMCLN.exe".  There were still components in the registry.  I go back and remove them, go into safe mode and delete all temp files, clear history, clear internet temp files.  I have tried to burn a new cd of the program and extracted the NSW\ file.  I noticed that the file was zipped.  I didn't know if that was a problem, but how can Symantec be expecting customers to have WinZip or some such program?  I will make one more attempt,  I will make a folder and then dump the unzipped contents into the folder, named -  "NSW\nsw1.exe". Then copy the disk to a new cd.  If that doesn't work, I don't know what else to try?

Do you have any ideas?

I have worked with this issue for several days now and need to resolve the problem soon, I am try to help a friend and he will be leaving and need to take his computer home with him.

Thank you for your help!
I had exactly the same problem installing Norton Partition Magic and found the following solution elsewhere on the net.  I know nothing about it except it worked perfectly for me.

There is a system variable called 'Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged-on user only.'  This variable can be accessed via Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Local Security Settings->Local Policies->Security Options.

If this variable is set to 'Enabled' it can cause some programs (maybe especially some Norton programs) not to install.  If you are getting Error 1311 on installation set this variable to 'Disabled', reboot, and try again.

Note: this variable is set to Disabled by default.  I had set it to Enabled in order to solve problems using Exact Audio Copy, as suggested in the FAQ on the Exact Audio Copy website.

I followed your instructions and it solved my problem "error 1311..." when trying to install Norton SystemWorks 2005.

Thank you
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