File Sharing between XP Home and XP Pro

I have a wireless network using a Dlink router and a laptop running XP Home, and my main computer running XP pro.  I have only TCP/IP installed, and can access shared folders on the laptop (XP Home) fine from the other, but no computers on my network can connect to the XP Pro. computer's shared resources, and when I click on its icon in the "Workgroup Computers" I get the error:

"...not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network resource."

On my main machine I don't recall ever having set up any passwords ort user permissions.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, please.
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parkerigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As silly as it sounds you need to first check that file sharing is turned on and work correctly on the machine that isn't able to be connected to. For simplicity I check

(1) Services - Make sure these are running ( don't necessary need all but this is my stock standard cure all)
Computer Browser
Net Logon
Network Connections
TCP/IP Netbios Helper
(2) Network Settings
My Network Places
Right Mouse Click
Confirm Client for Microsoft Network is ticked
File and Print Sharing for MS .... is ticked

You should then be able to access and share the folders.

The message you are getting is one of those Catch All messages and in general not much help - hence back to basics.

Once all the above is checked, if still a problem, please advise as this is just a statring point.


Did you set up the same logon (user ID and PW) on the main desktop as you have on the laptop? In order to share anything in XP Pro, you need to have that user listed on the user accounts, START/CONTROL PANEL/USER ACCOUNTS  - - or if you're using the Category View, START/CONTROL PANEL/USER ACCOUNTS.
parkerigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The next stage is to check the local security policies
Go Start Run

secpol.msc /s

and the Local Security Snapin is loaded.
Have a good look at the user rights assignments and see if anything obvious
Have a good look at the security options and see if anything obvious

Also have a quick look at the below links as these users had similar resolved problems

If still no joy there is more
Please advise
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ErnieExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First - disable the Windows firewall on the XP Pro machine (look here if you need help

Next,  let's get one key point out in the open.  When accessing a shared folder on a WIndows XP machine, the user is always authenticated as using the Guest user that is built into Windows XP.  Thus we need to check the following settings.
- make sure Guest account is enabled  (right click My Computer, click Manage, click Local Users and Groups, click Users)

- make sure that Guest is allowed Network access by following these step. 1)  open Local Security Policy from Administrative Tools 2) goto Local Policies => User Rights Assignment 3)Add Guest to 'Access the computer from the network' 4) Remove Guest from 'Deny access to the computer from the network' 5) if you made any changes in this step, you should reboot afterwards

-Since you are in a workgroup settings, the XP Pro machine should have turned on Simple File Sharing
The verify: 1) Double-click My Computer 2) On the Tools menu, click Folder Options 3) Click the View tab, and then click to select the Use Simple File Sharing.

-make sure you are sharing a folder.  1) Right click a folder and select haring 2) select the box "Share this folder on the network"
earthman100Author Commented:
OK, great. Well I followed all your great advice, from the top to the bottom, and now I can access the shared drives that show up in my network places, however, when I just try to access the root like \\Server or through the "View Workgroup Computers"  I get the same error.  Why is it that I cannot browse the root shares?
parkerigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To view a root share you normally need admin rights, so unless you have changed the security at the file system level you normally can't browse.

Having run server 2000 on my home pc for years it was very frustrating at first how limited XP sharing is - but then again it is not intended to be a server. Having now used XP for that last year or so I find it very good as a home / desktop OS.

The view workgroups info is often cached and until systems are stable not really reliable. eg If I unplug my computer from network all the info stills shows and is obviously now unaccessible. So wouldn't worry too much at this stage.

You can access the root by going to


(or d$ if you have 2 disks)

use this command


User ID and Logon popup

login in using xp pro id
earthman100Author Commented:
OK, Got a little further tonight.

I had to install IPX on both machines, then on both machines I created a new account with the same name and password which then allows me to browse the network and the shares.  One thing I wonder is, how can I set it to work without defining a password on my PC.  It is annoying having to log on with the password all the time.

Thank you all for your help, this will be tough figuring how to split points.
earthman100Author Commented:
Oh yeah, and in Local Security Setings under Security Options I set the:

Network Access: Sharing and Security model for local accounts
Classic: Local Users authenticate as themselves
There is an option under control panel users to remove the password

( Change an account , select then choose remove password )

This should work.

The fact you used ipx suggests that the IP stack is corrupt.

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