R6 Upgrade from 4.62

Hi All,

Ok, I have downloaded the IBM redbook which states that to upgrade a Domino 4.6x server to R6 you need to have Domino 4.67a. Only one problem, we don't have 4.67a, and Lotus pulled it off their site a long, long time ago.

We have managed to get a hold of 4.67 through one of the IBM business partners but we really need either the incremental to 4.67a or (prefered) the full Domino server 4.67a.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are very upset that this is not available from the IBM web site when it is listed as a prerequisite to upgrade to R6. We are spending a lot of money for this upgrade, the least IBM could do is *let* us upgrade!

Thanks in advance!
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or else, upgrade to R5 then to ND6
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EdgeManAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately an upgrade to R5 first is not an option, with the amount of servers we are talking about it would double our rollout time.
I can understand.

If I have a test server, I will do a testing from 4.6 to ND6.

Here is the method I will implement(I have not done before. But I have done for 4.6 to R5)

backup all the files(domino and notes)
Uninstall 4.6 and remove the entire folders and files .

Now install ND6 and copy the important files ike, notes.ini, addressbook, server.id, admin.id and cert.id
copy all the mail files and application files into the notes directory. now run the server and upgrade address book and compact all the databases for ODS.

Thats it.

Hope it helps.
If you have a maintenance agreement with IBM, you shoudl be able to obtain 4.67a through IBM.
Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistCommented:
you need 4.6.7a for the unk tables but only if you are doing a Staged migration. (i.e. you aren't upgrading all your servers at once )  if you only have one, or are upgrading them all at the same time then just follow the rest of the upgrade process.

Otherwise follow the same method that I described here


Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistCommented:
Hemanth those are great links but one thing the redbook details is that if you are going from 4x to 6x you need an intermediate step of  4x -> 4.6.7a -> 6 (I have used the redbook in 4 separate client upgrades now, 2 of them from 4x - 6x)

There are large unk tables  and greater number of fields that need to be accomodated by the NAB in 6 ... 4.6.7a is the only version of 4x that is compatible with the 6 NAB.  This is only  relevant if you need to have 6 servers and 4x servers on with the same NAB.  

Upgrading to 5 as an intermediate step, in my opinion is a mistake. You then need 2 MAJOR upgrades to get to 6x.  The migration is greuling enough (and yes some of the kinks are worked out in 4x -5x) but there are still plenty from 5x -6x that I think the extra effort to stage it that way is wasted.  

***BTW EdgeMan still haven't gotten any info that I need to be able to help you out.
You've asked this question in the Lotus Notes/Domino topic area.
Since it fits better to the scope of the Lotus Domino Admin topic area (http://www.experts-exchange.com/Web/Lotus_Domino_Admin), I'd like to move this question there.

Edgeman, is that ok with you?
Knowing the participating experts, I'm sure they'll continue helping you there.


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BTW, you don't REALLY need 4.6.7a.  Only if you plan on keeping the 4.x server up after the R6 NAB upgrade, AND need to replicate it.

Even then, you can get away with it.  The principal issue is the new R6 profile settings for managing client lockdown, archiving, access, and other things.  It adds a ton of stuff to the NAB.  So, to get around it you:

1) don't replicate design from your R6 NAB to your R4 server (block the form)
2) Use selective replication to not replicate the prfile documents either

That way, you won't blow your unk.
Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistCommented:
I've yet to hear from him, I assume this question has been abandoned.  

qwal... even without replicating the form you still have more than the max number of fields in 4.6x on a given document no? And those documents would still replicate.  Haven't tried it but that would be my fear, have you been able to get it to work?
It is definitely the profile docs that do it.  Fields get added to the UNK when EITHER they are saved on a form OR saved on a document (e.g., by an agent w/o a form).  If you make sure both are left out of the DB, the fields don't get added.

BTW, there are HUNDREDS of unnecessary fields taking up UNK space in the DOmino Directory design, and perhaps hundreds of other deprecated field names hidden on aging docs.
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