J2ME Application Deployment

I've made a few mobile phone applications using j2me with the Wireless Toolkit and now I'd like to deploy my application(s) to my Nokia 3200 using wap.
After doing a few wap tutorials, I managed to get a very basic page working with a link to the programs jad file on my server.
When I connect to the site using my phone and attempt to download the application, I get an error message saying "File not found" (or something along those lines).

What steps do I need to take to have my j2me apps accessible via wap?
Do I need to have my application approved my Nokia?  - I remember reading something about that but I've forgotten the details

Any other tips, examples or general help will be greatly appriciated.


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buttermilktoastConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the mime types should be...

.jad  text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor
.jar  application/java-archive
i added these to my server under the http headers tab in the properties.  i'm not sure about your setup with my iis. i believe you have an apache server?  i'm not really familiar with that, but if you look in the config files, i believe there should be a file called mime.types in there.  you can add the lines

text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor jad
application/java-archive jar

or if you don't have access to that, i believe you can edit or create the .htaccess file in that directory.  all you need to add in that file is

AddType text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor jad
AddType application/java-archive jar

  from what i understand, mime types are basically a specification for sending non-ascii stuff over the internet, it's jus so that your browser knows what it's sending.  good luck!
You application does not need to be approved.

Your JAD file does need to be very specific, if you created it using the SUN dev kit, you will need to modify the path for the JAR file to match the one you have put on the web.

http://www.tdc.co.uk/gprs/tc45.htm has some example SMS messages to initiate the JAR file download and installation.
OBCTAuthor Commented:
I couldn't find anything I was looking for on that link. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place....

Do you know of any step by step guides with specifically what to do?
I've had a look around nokia's forum but I can't find anything.
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was the OTAP message I was referring to, does yours have the proper path in it?

Have you also checked the path in the JAD file - does it start something like C:/? - if so, it's wrong, it should start http:// ....
OBCTAuthor Commented:
Originally my JAD file path was set to "MyApp.JAD" (Without the quotation marks).
I set the full website path and everything ran fine on the emulator but when I tried using my phone, I recieved the 'Page Not Found' error.

Ok, I just tried using a wap emulator and my page ran fine however the download link gave a "HTTP Error: 400 Bad Request" message....
Could this possibly be a problem with my WAP page?

I've put all the files for the application onto a web server for you to look at when/if you have time.
It contains the JAD, JAR, WAP and a zip file full of the source, classes etc..

Maybe it's that your telephone access does not allow full internet access only WAP web access? - certainly the JAD does look OK.
i noticed in your wml, the link to the jad file, has a space in between, but your jad file does not have a space.  you would have to remove the space to link it properly.  i also had that error before because i was pointing to a  non-existant jad file.  also make sure you have the mime types set to push jad and jar files.  good luck!

OBCTAuthor Commented:
Fixing the small wml typo fixed the page not found error so thank you for that :)

Now I've got a new error saying "Unknown file format"......so how to I set the mime types up? I've heard of them but never known what they were or how to use them.
OBCTAuthor Commented:
OMG!! It works!! :)
Thank you very very much for all your help, buttermilktoast!!
Enjoy the points, you certainly deserve them.


Hi all
 i want to know that how much network info i can get through J2me and is it depends on my local Network Service Provider. and also the Which one is the best for development J2Me or Microsoft Development Kit for Mobiles
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