How can I specify domain for mail?

 I own this & I have a 3rd party hosting it using mx records. I have also recently gotten a new server with SBS2003. The question is, can I actually specify for mails to to be directed to the 3rd party and for mails to to be directed to my server?
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bloemkool1980Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you need to ask your hosting company to make an extra MX record                                        3rd party mail server                             your mail server

If that does not work or they do not support they should be able to forward from 3rd party mail server to your mail server only for

MaBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you should be able to do this. It was some time since I "played around" with DNS and mailservers but if you set up a mailserver on your SBS and add a MX record for mails to that subdomain should be handled by your server.

Check this for rferences and links to more "in depth":

QLJAuthor Commented:
Wait a minute... let me provide a clearer picture. My ISP hosts the MX record, but Zone Edit, a DDNS service, hosts this record for me. So I need to add the MX record in ZoneEdit? So if I need to add that in, its priority would be highest or in order (i.e 1) or in order of the existing MX rcord (i.e. 3)

Just curious, cos my ISP charges mx records in blocks of 5, so if I use, will it add to my count?

Lots of thanx! :)
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Well I do not get it why your ISP hosts the MX record and ZoneEDit too as I understand.
Only one of the 2 should do it.
The priority should not matter as it is 2 different MX records if you would like to be backup for you would add your server in a second a MX record with Higher priority number because the higher the number the lower the priority.
And if the ISP does the MX record he will add it to your count but why you use Zoneedit then ? Is your IP changing often ?

QLJAuthor Commented:
Right on the dot. I am using a dynamic IP. The mail is stored in the ISP's mailbox... but cos is hosted on the ISP, the DNS record points to ZoneEdit. Then, Zoneedit houses the mx record for my email
bloemkool1980Connect With a Mentor Commented:
then you should only ask zoneedit because they will also receive because it is subdomain.
Ask zoneedit to add the MX for to another mail server. So no need to contact your ISP unless you would not like it to go through Zoneedit.
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