Can the certificate expiry date be changed?

Is it possible to change the certificate expiry date for certificates issued by a Certifcate Authority?  Can it be programmatically done?  Also, for expired certificates, can it be renewed, ie. I don't have to re-issue a new certificate?
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vhssConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use certutil to change the validity period of certificates issued by the CA.

Expired certificates can be renewed with a new certificate that contains the same key as the expired certificate.

Reference can be found here:

No - you can't - you have to renew it

OFF2000: Overview of Digital Certificates;en-us;206637&Product=wrd20

How to Digitally Sign and Encrypt Messages in Outlook Express;en-us;168726

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pcssecureAuthor Commented:
Is it possible to change the certificate expiry date from the certificate authority?  Is there some setting in the CA that I can modify programmatically?

you need to renew the certificate in order to change the expiration date... there is no way around it...
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