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Notes ToolBar overlaps my Addin Toolbar

Santino_k asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
I have inserted my Toolbar in bookmark.nsf using COM interfaces.
The problem is when first time my add-in is installed, It is hidden beneath the first Notes Toolbar that appears after Notes default toolbar.

after i manually drag this first Notes Toolbar that hides my toolbar then my addin toolbar appears...from then onwards it works fine...

Can anyone tell me some soultion to this. I want to stop other Notes toolbars from overlapping my toolbar....
Also if someone can tell me about how exactly notes loads the toolbars from bookmark.nsf file
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Hi qwaletee,
Thank you. You are right, I am talking about R6 button bars..

:-(  sad there is no such interface.

Can you tell me if we can make a new toolbar that comes at the end.. ie: after all the notes toolbar....(actually when i enable toolbar from preferences dialog box the new toolbar always comes at the end)

Also i want to know that whether the order of my Outline Entry in bookmark.nsf will affect the placement ? if yes then i can change that and that will fix my problem to certain extent.

Finally if you can tell me how notes loads all buttonbars then it will be of great help to me...

Thanx again...


Honestly, I'm not sure how it does it.  I suspect there are some hidden settings in the desktop file indicating placement of button bars, and any button bar without specific placement will be added to the end.  But that's just a guess.


But its not adding it at the end qwaletee if i add it through code instead of adding it from dialog box of toolbar preferences... thats y i m frustrated... still i would say if u can suggest me something... some alternate solution...

sorry, wish i had something to add


any idea in which file does notes stores this information
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