Cannot open "D:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\browscap.ini" & Error 404 running PHP

I have installed PHP on a Windows 2003 server.  Anytime I try to browse any PHP file, the server beeps and displays a windows message, Cannot open "D:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\browscap.ini".  The browser times out as soon as I click OK for this message (on the server) display a 404 message.

Please help.

Thank you,
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actually, under apache this file does not seem to be present all the time so there should be some default values somewhere, or just no values as the client gives his anyway.

typically, the server would only complain upon startup. (maybe quite a few times)

sample files are downloadable everywhere (just google the name of the file.)

if the file exists, you of course must check that php has reading rights over that file.
these will usually be inherited from apache, so your apache user must have rights over these.

try and run apache as admin just for testing, and see if that same error pops again.

is php running as a module or cgi ?

try this excellent link : why the file exists, why it is not up to date, download most recent...
<< Despite my pleas to have the link from the PHP website removed they refuse to do so. Until their get_browser() function is fixed I do not recommend using my browscap.ini file with PHP. >>
it has been but dunno on which version.

iis was probably a good guess if it would not work without that file. do you really need to use iis ?
nb iis is rather useless and messy with php (but fine with asp and all VBs)
if u had a number for the error (0xXXXXXX), try and paste it in ggogle and in msde. usually gives good results.

the browsecap.ini error is likely no to be the cause of the 404 message.
IIS 6.0 is fully locked down by default
When you install IIS, the service is installed in a highly secure and locked mode. By default, IIS serves only static content, which means that features such as Active Server Pages (ASP), ASP.NET, Indexing Service
Indexing Service
Software that provides search functions for documents stored on disk, allowing users to search for specific document text or properties., server-side includes (SSI), Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)
An application protocol related to Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 1.1 that allows clients to transparently publish and manage resources on the World Wide Web., and FrontPage Server Extensions do not work unless you enable them. If you do not enable these features after installing IIS, IIS returns a 404 error. To serve dynamic content and unlock these features, you must enable them by using IIS Manager. Administrators can enable or disable IIS functionality based on the needs of the organization. For more information, see "Enabling or Disabling Dynamic Content" in IIS 6.0 Help. Also, if an application extension is not mapped in IIS, IIS returns a 404 error. To map an application extension, see "Setting Application Mappings" in IIS 6.0 Help. For more information about troubleshooting 404 errors, see "Troubleshooting" in IIS 6.0 Help. For information about how to open IIS 6.0 Help, see To view Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Help. >>

could be the reason for both the 404 and the error message (which even on iis would probably not lock the server though this is microsoft technology so nothing's too sure.)
i guess u more basically need to allow php on that server.

hope it helps
search for browscap.ini in your D: drive... and find the location.
and in the php.ini file search for browscap anc change the file location to new location for example...

browscap = c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\browscap.ini

looknow12Author Commented:
You the man!!!!  That's the problem.  I enabled unknown ISAPI Extensions and it worked.  Thank you so much!!!!
i'll google a little to find about that ISAPI extentions which i actually dunno much about, lol

cool if u got it. good luck for the future, and feel free to ask more.
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